Positive Reviews and Testimonials Keep Trickling In As a Result of Securus Technologies’ Inventiveness

Solving and preventing crimes particularly in incarceration facilities is a responsibility jail officials find extra sensitive and demanding. Whereas the job must be done, the concerns that jail officials raise cannot be ignored especially bearing in mind that the facilities harbor people of negative criminal records. With technology, however, the burden on the officials’ shoulders is significantly minimized. One company that is helping officials to maintain law and order within America’s incarceration facilities is Securus Technologies. The company has a team that comprises of bright tech minds that innovates tech tools that promote public safety and improve the accuracy of investigations and monitoring within jails and prisons.

With a high success rate in the curbing of inmate-on-inmate crimes, jail officials are feeling optimistic that indeed technology will be the game changer in their job. A majority of those whose tech solutions that are provided by Securus Technologies are satisfied with the commitment and innovativeness adapted by the company. As a show of this satisfaction, these officials send in positive reviews and testimonials. According to CEO Richard Smith, letters and emails trickle in on a daily basis with inmates’ relatives also appreciating how Securus has aided in the transformation of their folk behind bars.

Testimonials and Reviews

The CEO is in no doubt happy with the way his tech experts and salespeople are revolutionizing the incarceration tech market. He affirmed that the teams are committed to ensuring that at least one new tech tool is released to the market on a weekly basis to keep the consistency of high performance. While making those remarks, Rick Smith allowed a sampling to be done for the thousands of testimonials and be published.

Reviews and testimonials were different from one customer to the other, but one common factor in all of them was that solving crimes has never been easier. They pointed out that Securus Technologies was consistent in providing tools that facilitate jail security. Officials also noted that they could stop crimes, investigate with ease, and most importantly, manage the inmates’ transformation processes in a much more efficient way. The Texas-based firm is expected to keep doing what it does best, and that is to innovate.


Securus Technologies Making Honest Efforts to Transform Correctional Sphere

The power of technology is explored and used constructively in just about every industry to provide end users with efficient and productive products and services. Same is the case with the correctional industry that has gone through a massive makeover with the help of technology in the past few years. The correctional industry is amongst the fastest growing industry today, and it is all thanks to the rapid development made in the sector by active companies in the industry.

One of the enterprises that have helped in this positive makeover of the correctional industry is Securus Technologies. Established in 1986, the company has undergone a complete transformation over the years after acquiring many other smaller correctional firms in the sector. Apart from providing high-end correctional products to the inmates as well as police personnel, the company is also involved with extensive research and development.

Securus Technologies has helped the prisoners by providing efficient and cost-effective inmate communication services. The company believes that such a technology would help the inmates to get rid of stress and live a content life, even when inside the prison. Not being able to talk to the friends or family members when incarcerated can become a contributing factor to disturb the psychological status of prisoners and is known to give rise to violent traits as well. Securus Technologies focuses on delivering quality products and services and back the same with efficient and responsive customer service.

Securus Technologies also offers investigative and criminal justice technology that is hugely appreciated by the law enforcement officers. Many of the law enforcement officers have also written to the company showcasing their appreciation for the work company is doing. Parts of the comments of many of these letters were recently published by the firm online as a PR drive to help the stakeholders in the correctional industry know the efforts made by Securus Technologies to transform the correctional sphere.

Securus Technologies – Modernizing the Incarceration Experience Like Never Before

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of inmate communications and prison technology and offers a broad range of products and services to its audience. Such products and services are what has helped in modernizing the incarceration experience to a great extent in the last few years. Many different companies exist in this overcrowded sector, but none of them has been able to make an impact such as Securus Technologies. It is because the company does not only aim to provide services, but also improve its technology with passing the time. As of 2016, the company announced that it had invested $600 million into research and development. It is for this reason the products and services of Securus Technologies are way ahead of its competitors, and much more affordable as well.

Securus Technologies also offers its products and services to the law enforcement agencies to help catch criminals. It is these services that have also played a significant role in reducing the crime rate inside the jail. The information that the services of Securus Technology provide to the law enforcement officials helps them to catch the offenders in time. It reduces crime rate inside as well as outside the jail premises considerably. In a recent move, Securus Technologies published an online news release where it showed parts of letters of appreciation it received from the law enforcement officials.

As a law enforcement official myself, I do know that Securus Technologies offer services that are highly useful and keeps criminals in check. The criminals are afraid of the technology provided by Securus Technologies, and it has significantly contributed to reducing crime rate as well in the country. I want that more and more agencies across the country start using Securus Technologies’ services, so that crime and criminals can be controlled with ease. It would also help the law enforcement officials in the line of duty.

Calling With Securus Is Safer And Faster

I have been calling with Securus for a few months, and I know for a fact their service is improved over others. Reaching the jails of America is difficult as they must be called using a special account, and only Securus has the video that we need to talk to family. This story explains how I am the designated caller for the family using Securus almost every day.


#1: We Have Family In Jail


We have family in jail that we must support, but they are too far away for any real visits. We could not make it to the jail because it is too far to go, but I can call on my tablet any time I like. I have called from the road before, and I have called from home in the past before leaving for work. We have a connection that is special, and I want to keep it up as much as I can.


#2: We Have A Better Video Picture


The video picture we have is quite important as it gives us a way to see each other while we talk. I know I have felt better seeing the person I am talking to, and I hope I am able to give them the impression that I hear what they are saying and understand them with my facial expressions.


#3: The Service Is Easy To Use


Securus has asked all its competition to do a better job with their services, and I am seeing the results in their company. I have very clear videos to watch, and I hear my family as if we are on a satellite phone call.


I believe Securus has done us all a favor by offering us the help we need for visitation. We cannot make it there, but we may call with a video conference when we like.


Securus Receives the Coveted A+ Rating and Accreditation Status

Securus recently received both an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


PRNewswire reported the VP of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, saying that the Better Business Bureau was indeed satisfied with the quality standards of the company, hence the A+ rating.


Here are the requirements needed to earn the A+ rating by BBB:-


  1. Earn their trust


  1. Do legitimate business


  1. Be honest with clients and authorities


  1. Ensure the business is listed and accessible


  1. Keep your word to customers


  1. Be quick to reply to customers


  1. Remain ethical at all times


Award-Winning Securus Call-Center


Securus came up with an ingenious plan to build a 220 seater complex which acts as their domestic call center. This is actually the largest facility of its kind in America. From there, they can reach up to 25 million friends, and family members spread out all across the world. Calls get answered in an average of 11 seconds. The firm boasts of a 99% first-call resolution rate and their customer satisfaction score currently stand at 4.3 out of a possible five score. On average, the center processes up to 2.5 million calls per month. The C.E.O, Richard Smith, says they have no competition.


About Securus Technologies


It got founded in 1986, and its CEO is known as Richard A. Smith. Or, Ricky in short. The for-profit prison calling company has regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen and Atlanta, Georgia. Their staff is reported to be fast approaching the 1,500 mark as they continue to diversify and expand their portfolio. Securus currently serves up to 2,600 correctional facilities in the US and Canada. Courtesy of their services, family members, and loved ones get a chance to keep in touch at all times.


Securus Technologies Releases a New Voice Recognition Product

Securus Technologies is a company that provides criminal justice technology to officers and jail guards. They help with safety of the public, monitoring of inmates, and this technology also helps with police investigations. They just released the Investigator Pro 4.0. This allows investigators to search calls by identifying the voice on the other end. I think this is great technology because it allows investigators to follow voices instead of just phone numbers.


It allows investigators to know a lot of different things. They will now know which inmates are talking to the same people over the phone. They will also know if the voice on the other end of the line was ever in jail. Lastly, they will know if any inmates are currently talking to people that used to be in jail.


In my opinion this technology will be put to very good use. It can potentially stop other criminals from committing crimes. It can help catch criminals when they do commit crimes. The Investigator Pro 4.0 can also help reduce the amount of gang activity in the jails and with the people that call inmates.


Securus Technologies serves more than three thousand four hundred and fifty law enforcement agencies. They serve over a million inmates all over the United States. They employee a lot of highly qualified people to help make their technology the best. These include designers, engineers, and technologists. This company has over one hundred and forty different patents. This is why I believe they are the leading business in this industry.

Securus was founded in 1986. It’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. This company has over thirty years experience in helping the criminal justice system. They have many different offices in many cities. I believe you can’t find a better company than Securus Technologies.


ConnectUs By Securus Technologies Is Already Making Revolutionary Changes

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions in the criminal justice field. Their solutions pertain specifically to public safety, correctional facilities (and the monitoring which accompanies their operation), and investigation. It has always been the prerogative of Securus to provide the highest-quality technological solutions in these areas, and to that end their newest innovation, ConnectUs, is delivering in spades.

ConnectUs helps rid correctional facilities of the need for filing ubiquitous forms during regular operations. From complaints and grievances to medical forms, handbook acceptance forms, forms designed to sign an inmate up for a particular activity, and many more, there is substantial time and effort devoted to this antiquated means of filing and administration. Beyond the time involved, resources like paper, paperclips, staples, staplers, filing cabinets, file separators, markers, pens, pencils and other related accoutrements in 20th century filing add up. With ContactUs, everything is consolidated into a single platform which allows inmates regular access–but monitored and metered, of course. Applications can be customized per facility. Customization options include measures which either grant or restrict access based on the time of day, or even the prisoner (in some cases).

According to Chief Kolitwenzew, who works at a location in Kankakee County, Illinois, the nurses just love ContactUs’ new, easily-unveiled consolidation. He went on to say that thousands of dollars in paper would be saved by the new measure.  A $10 man hour can buy about three reams of paper at 400 pieces. ContactUs will very likely save thousands of man hours every year, allowing budgetary realignment, consolidation, and expansion. With 1.2 million inmates already served, Securus stands to revolutionize the whole industry with ContactUs.