ICMediaDirect Headlines LeadsCon New York 2016

According to a recent article in Marketwired, reputation management industry leader ICMediaDirect will make a presentation about solutions to the challenges facing companies in the industry at LeadsCon New York 2016 (http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/icmd-reputation-management-icmediadirect-to-attend-leadscon-new-york-2016-2142366.htm). ICMediaDirect has used groundbreaking techniques to successfully repair the reputations and help build the brands of a growing number of well-known companies and individuals worldwide. Its innovative use of the internet has led to its spectacular rise and growing success.
LeadsCon is the direct response marketing industry’s premier conference. The 2016 edition will take place at the New York Hilton from August 22-24. It will feature exciting events and webcasts along with presentations from some of the most accomplished and talented people in the industry. LeadsCon attendees and those following the goings-on will be made privy to the latest, best and most effective reputation management methodologies.

The direct response marketing industry is growing by leaps and bounds because these days a slip of the tongue or a production blunder can lead disaster. Having the proper public relations position can mean the difference between a slight slip in the ratings and being mocked, discredited and driven out of business. The 2016 LeadsCon will share the tricks of the trade for turning an online gaffe into great publicity. No company is better suited to do a presentation on that than ICMediaDirect.

Long-time participants in both LeadsCon New York and LeadsCon Las Vegas, ICMediaDirect promised presentation on cutting-edge reputation management techniques is of great interest to industry insiders. The company’s willingness to share it 20 years worth of very effective ‘trade secrets’ is sure to draw a packed house. But ICMediaDirect will not be the only star there. LeadsCon New York 2016 will feature popular ad agencies, technology solution providers, marketing service companies as well as venture capitalists doing workshops with valuable insights on marketing strategy, lead generation, controlling online search results and more.