Life Line Screening Has The Perfect Heart Disease Test For You

Life Line Screening is an organization the provides free heart disease tests for all Americans. They began their journey almost 20 years ago, and since that time almost five million people have been tested for heart disease. Life Line Screening has its main headquarters in Texas, and they are open seven days a week for usually ten hours a day or more. People can call for an appointment or just walk into the establishment. Life Line Screening has the most up-to-date technology to make sure every patient is tested properly. Life Line Screening encourages patients to talk to one another through social media to share the most up-to-date information on heart disease. Before 2019, Life Line Screening hopes to have an office in every major city in America.

Life Line Screening has several ways in which they offer heart disease tests. The first way is a blood test. Life Line Screening only needs a drop of blood, and their advanced technology can analyze the blood and pick up even a hint of heart disease.

The next way Life Line Screening conducts a heart disease test is through an ultrasound. The professionals working at Life Line Screening know all the colors of heart disease. Certain colors depict a blockage in the arteries, and other colors depict more serious things like aneurysms in the heart.

Another way Life Line Screening conducts a heart disease test is through an EKG. This new technology studies the heartbeat of the patient, and it can tell if a stroke is coming or if the heart is weaker than normal.

Life Line Screening offers a free annual test to every American. Most doctors agree that every person should be checked for heart disease at least once a year, so Life Line Screening does all it can to encourage Americans to get checked every year.

People who take a heart disease test through Life Line Screening get many benefits beyond the annual free test. For starters, every patient will receive a free guide personalized for them that deals with what foods are best and worst. Patients also receive free phone support for Life Line Screening for the rest of their life.

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