Desiree Perez Leaves Little Doubt

As Chief Operating Officer of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation since 2009, Desiree “Des” Perez has led the company to massive growth year-over-year. Because Perez tends to stay behind the scenes and out of the public eye, many casual music fans do not know her and she prefers it that way. She was recently placed in the spotlight when music magazine Billboard named her as one of the music industry’s most influential female executives. While Perez may not enjoy the recognition there is no denying that the distinction is well deserved, and lacrosse camp Desiree Perez.

Perez, a New York City native, got her start in the business nearly 25 years ago. She began to be known in the 1990s as a smart, creative businesswoman who managed a number of high-end night clubs and entertainment venues. It was while working in this capacity that Des began making connections and creating friendships with many people in the music industry. She became close friends with Jay-Z during this time and the two developed a business relationship. To this day there are not many business decisions that Jay-Z doesn’t ask Perez for her opinion on, and resume her.

The pair first began working together when he appointed her to run his SC Enterprises. She performed well enough in this position that when he formed Roc Nation, Perez was his choice for COO. The choice was a solid one as Perez has used her savvy business acumen to grow the company and she is an ever present sight at most negotiations. Her true skill is at the negotiation table, securing many deals including BeyoncĂ©’s Formation Stadium agreement and Rihanna’s mega deal with Samsung. She also took over as COO of Roc Nation’s new music streaming service and secured a huge deal with Sprint that gave the service access to all 45 million Sprint subscribers.

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Doug Levitt’s The Greyhound Diaries Helps People Tell Their Stories Through His Music

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington D.C., where he attended D.C. public schools, while playing sports and singing in the choir. He is currently a song writer who rode Greyhound buses all around the Unites States for purpose. That purpose was to gather pictures and memories of those who traveled by bus in America. This gave him the chance to meet people who had stories about struggling to get by and inspired him to write songs about them. Impressively, he traveled 70,000 miles in 7 years. From this he started his band The Greyhound Diaries.

While these people traveling were very different in color, race and gender, he wanted to show that they all had one thing in common, their struggle to get from one place to the other. Instead of people being categorized, they are all put into the same group.

One of Doug’s goals was to get the word out about poverty and how many people are struggling. When he was returning to the states from overseas one day, he saw the increase of numbers in poverty. He wanted to do something to set out awareness of this and to help in any way possible. His journey began in 2004, where he first noticed how many people cannot afford to drive and therefore have to take the bus.

Doug Levitt shows joins together stories, songs and his own personal narrative.