Recording Artist Jonathan Hays Shows Us How to Manage Our Online Reputation

Jonathan Hay is an expert in his industry. He may not be someone many have heard of but he manages online reputations of many well-known artists. In an industry that is hard to get into, what makes him the guru? It is probably his expansive resume. His resume brings back his time as a recording artist and producer for people from Whitney Houston to Wiz Khalifa. What, then, can we learn from Jonathan Hay?

For one, being bold and standing behind our beliefs. Hay might go as far as to start rumors in order to get people’s attention but it gets the job done. According to experts from, we may not have to go as far but we need to make sure that we stand behind what we say online.

Next, actively be on the lookout for brand identity issues. This is an easy one to forget in the early stages of a career that demands an online presence but in this day and age, it is important to stay on top of it from the beginning and follow through until, well, forever. This can be as easy as setting up a Google alert for your name and the name of your business. According to Ayodeji Onibalusi you should not forget “the reputation of an executive can determine the fate of a company”.

If you find someone wanting to hurt your reputation online, find the source and resolve it fast. A quick way to do this is to run a Google Adword above the source that is causing the issue. Afterwards, you can choose if you want to talk to the source or file a lawsuit. Having a strategy to handle these situations is best. Educating your marketing team, creating a solution and tracking progress are the best ways to go about this. Sometimes it might be helpful to have PR recovery team, even if it is just yourself. Be strong in who you are, make sure to keep up with your name, and prepare for the worst while expecting the best!