The Connections Experienced With Shared Office Spaces

More people are discovering the benefits of working away from an office. Shared office spaces are some of the most helpful and productive areas for working. The energy is much different from a regular office. It is less closed off. People are allowed to pursue their own goals and exercise their own creativity. Most of all, people feel more connected in a shared office space. During the era of regular jobs, people were more likely to feel isolated as they worked away in their cubicle. They have also had to deal with office politics which often resulted in shaming and scapegoating.

One thing to say for shared office spaces is that people feel more like they are part of a community. In fact, a lot of people are paying for these types of spaces because they get to feel connected to others. This is something that they crave so much. They don’t get it from working in a regular job. They also don’t get it when they work at home or rent an office. On top of that, they also make sure that the experience of each shared office space is unique.

Among the places people go to pay for coworking space NYC is Workville. Workville is a New York City place that offers people the unique experience of connecting with one another and also putting together their own unique project. People are more able to be themselves in this shared space because they have a more accepting energy. The managers of the shared spaces work hard in making sure that they offer something unique for the people of the shared space. Workville offers people plenty of options for their spaces. They also host events. For newcomers, their site offers a tour of the space.

The community that is offered by shared work spaces is a huge motivating factor for people to find one for themselves. People also get to experience greater control over their jobs with a co-working space. It is no wonder that studies are showing that people are reporting a greater sense of well being with co-working spaces.

Desiree “Des” Perez: The Woman Behind Tidal


Rumor Mill: Who Is Des Perez?

Desiree “Des” Perez is certainly a woman of mystery. For the past twenty years, she has been a valued confidant and close friend of recording artist and business mogul Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce. Her nickname among this set of recording greats, who value her counsel, is “Babe Ruthless” and she is frequently seen in the company of Jay Z and Beyonce. Des is married to Juan “OG” Perez, the head of Roc Sports.

Jay Z is worth a cool $500,000,000. and has continued to venture into areas of interest in business, music and art. He recently acquired shares in Carol’s Daughter, a make-up and beauty products company. His greatest past business success was when he and Damon Dash founded Rocawear, a clothing and fashion line; he bought out his former partner and eventually sold the company for more than $200,000,000. Jay Z, also, owns a half share in the 40/40 Clubs, a nightclub franchise, which has plans to expand into the entertainment scenes of Las Vegas and Tokyo. But his pet project is Tidal, a music subscription service company similar to iTunes. Sixteen performers have recently been added to the list of existing performers recording for Tidal. Tidal is an endeavor to share partial ownership of Tidal with the performers themselves.

Des Perez continues to be an important person in this unique and fashionable dynasty, bridging the glamorous worlds of music and entertainment with the more down to earth and mundane but profitable world of business.

Personalities like Jay Z and Beyonce and even Des Perez represent the new hip popular culture. They are symbols of success for young people around the globe. Years before this new dynasty became spotlighted there was a music presenter of a popular ethnic TV program, Soul Train, that offered cool entertainment to young people with a smooth urban edge to it.  His suicide in 2010 highlights the difficulties faced by those people whose business efforts create opportunities for others, but may add unnecessary burdens to other aspects of their already busy life.