Anthony G Petrello: Running A Successful Oil Drilling Company And Children’s Hospital Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello leads a company that’s developed oil drilling technologies over the years. The company is Nabors Industries, a Houston-based company that owns the largest land drilling rig stations in the world and whose interests lie both in the US and foreign soil.

As CEO of this massive oil drilling company, Petrello is in charge of strategic planning and direction, and has overseen the conversion of drilling equipment from purely manual to integrating automated technology, and developing proprietary software. Petrello has been with Nabors Industries since 1991, but has a long career that began even before then.

Petrello is a New Jersey native who was always adept at solving math problems as a young man. According to a former roommate who he went to college with who now writes for the Daily Beast, Petrello went to both Yale and Harvard Universities where he got his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate’s degrees. He was a student of one of the most brilliant mathematicians of the day, Serge Lang who made many contributions to modern day algebra. But by the time he finished at Harvard Tony Petrello had decided to go into law instead and served for 13 years at a New York City law firm, Baker & McKenzie. He was an expert in corporate finance, tax compliance and other finance laws, and his expertise in the fields attracted Nabors Industries to him, eventually bringing him to Houston in 1991.

Petrello is married to Cynthia Carrafa, a former TV star and they have a daughter Carena who was born with a brain disorder that has limited her capabilities. Anthony Petrello has said that taking care of his daughter changed much of his outlook on life as he desired to take care of her and longed to find a cure but couldn’t. But he has become a member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital where he has made donations to neurological research at Kindred Spirits . He’s also become a friend of Dan Duncan, a businessman who founded the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at TCH.

Nabors CEO Eugene Isenberg steps down; COO Anthony Petrello takes helm