David McDonald and The Recent Swine Day Celebration He Attended

OSI Group has already built a name in the food manufacturing industry and has grown itself to be a well-regarded established firm that many people already trust. In the article from Daily Sentinel, people can read that OSI Group under the leadership of David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, is still doing his best to improve the marketing exposure of the firm.

David McDonald just got involved in the Swine Day Celebration last 28 June 2018 at the Iowa State University. It’s an opportunity to discuss some of the pressing challenges that face the pork producers in the United States. Attended by 450 people, the conference was also a promising opportunity for David McDonald to grow the reach of OSI.

It was also a great opportunity for him to talk about the future of the food manufacturing industry and how the students of today can take an active role in shaping it to the best path where the society would benefit most. The fact, too, that David McDonald is a board member of the North American Meat Institute gives him the authority needed to share the right perspectives to the attendees. One of these perspectives is about the change of protein consumption of the consumers. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

The event would hold talks and conferences covering a variety of topics. These topics include strategies and techniques to generate higher rate in swine production, cyber security, negotiating hog prices and the different ways to mitigate mycoplasma pneumonia. These are designed to improve the ways that people can raise swine and protect their investments.

The event is also a great opportunity to support the local businesses in the area. The catering would be provided for by a local brand called Smokey D, which was a winner in the competition of barbecue teams in the United States. It was a competition joined by 4,000 teams.

The tasty end of the event was such a highlight that nobody wanted to miss. The luncheon was held at the Iowa State Center Courtyard with the event organizing help of TechMic and AB Vista. Indeed, an opportunity like this is something that David McDonald rightly fits.

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OSI Food Solutions: A Reputable Food Processing Enterprise


OSI food solutions is reputable processing company in Britain that is well trusted and has served in the food commercial business for over thirty years. Their located in Sculthorpe in the United Kingdom and they feature beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, seafood and dairy items for the restaurant commercial business.

The company started out as Otto Kolschowsky Meat market back in 1909 out in Illinois. Years later OSI Food Solutions then changed the company name to Otto and Sons. In 1975, the company was referred to as OSI Industries. Today they are well recognized as OSI Food Solutions.

OSI Again Establishes a Win for the 2016 Globe Award

OSI Food Solutions does it again, the British Safety Council has awarded them for their expertise and dedication towards the environmental safety risks. This approach is certainly not a surprise as they have previously accomplished many essential awards back in 2013 and 2015.

The award was received at a lunch ceremony meeting held in London back in 2016. It was delivered by the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council. Furthermore, OSI has also proven to a host of advisers that their professional approach extends consistently throughout their organization.

Why they are one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies

OSI Food Solutions is one of the Top hundred food companies due to their consistent and effective strategies, that has been proven to work for over thirty years. They are a well-trusted organization that brings forth an expertise that is highly needed and appreciated in the commercial food enterprise.

Moreover, their extraordinary service has been recognized and acknowledged by the British Safety Council for their remarkable service and directive approach in environmental safety risks. Along with this, they have claimed many deserved awards that highlight their hard work and dedication to the service they provide.

In addition, they have also has been selected as the world’s largest food production company that is favored for the extraordinary quality of meat and dairy products they feature.

OSI employs more than twenty thousand well-trained employees and is currently an annual Billion dollar company in America. The company is still consistently achieving and proving their goals and is an overall successful organization that is still rapidly increasing.

Along with this, they have built a well-recognized and well-trusted reputation that establishes business with a host of well-known food chains around the globe.

OSI Food Solutions info: de.osigroup.com/locations/

Why OSI Group Is The Top International Wholesaler of Foods

The story of OSI Group started back in the early 1900s. The company was founded by a guy named Otto Kolschowski. This German immigrant named the business Otto & Sons, and it was one of the best sellers of meat in the Midwest. Since the company was family-owned, it was rather small, but oh how times have changed. Thanks to selling some of the freshest meats, Otto & Sons’ name began to flow for miles and miles. It was growing at an alarming rate, which forced the company to move away from its Oak Park location of Illinois. The hamburger chain, McDonald’s, became the company’s first high-profile client. This dynamic duo’s relationship remained strong right through the cryogenics boom of the 1960s. To this very day, the two companies has retained a strong business bond.

OSI Group has some of the finest R&D specialists, and they have supreme knowledge in custom-food solutions as well as supreme knowledge in global foods. The company has many test kitchens and pilot plants to work its magic. There are even a few culinary-innovation centers to speak of that are loaded with advanced technologies. OSI has been ranked by Forbes on many occasions and for good reasons. In 2016, the company was ranked at the 58th position as it brought in over $6.1 billion. In just five years, OSI has generated an extra $5 billion of revenue on average.

Being so enormous in physical size, the company stretches out across multiple continents. OSI Group has factories and facilities in Ukraine, in Brazil, in Canada, in Austria, in Australia, in Poland, in Japan, in China and in the Netherlands. In the end, OSI Group has certainly made an impact on the way businesses receive their food products, and it will continue to push the boundaries in the coming years.


OSI Group President David McDonald Maintains that the Company Succeeds by Understanding Its Customers:

Raised in Iowa, David McDonald attended college in his home state at Iowa State University. He graduated in 1987 and began his now 30 plus year career making a big difference at OSI Group. David is the President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board for the food processing giant. David was originally hired by OSI Group as a project manager tasked with building OSI’s brand in Asia. This mission is still close to David McDonald’s heart today as the company’s growth in China continues to be one of his biggest points of pride regarding his accomplishments with the world leading food solutions company. OSI Group operates ten facilities in China currently, number ten opening recently. David has also been very pleased with OSI’s expansion efforts in Europe that have been ongoing for the past three and a half years.

European expansion efforts began ramping up in 2014 with a partnership that OSI forged with British beef producer Pickstock. 2016 saw two speciality food distribution companies, Baho Food and Flagship Europe become OSI properties. David McDonald said of both transactions that they were a valuable boost to OSI’s product portfolio and OSI’s market coverage. OSI Group has also rebranded Flagship Europe as Creative Foods Europe.

In other European news, the OSI Group facility in Toledo, Spain is now putting out double the processed chicken that it was previously in an effort to meet the massive growth in demand out of its Spanish and Portuguese markets that it serves. The production increase was made possible by massive investments put into the production lines at the facility.

David McDonald recently did a very interesting interview with Inspirery. He discussed a number of different topics about his business career. David mentions how he got started in the food business after he graduated from Iowa State. He speaks about OSI Group’s tremendous growth during his tenure with the company and attributes much of it to the dynamic sorts of partnerships that have characterized OSI’s global expansion. David maintains that he has been fully on board with the OSI vision from the moment he joined the company. He has never doubted that OSI Group had a winning formula for success. David believes that OSI Group’s number one global marketing strategy is the fact that the company always becomes part of the local scene wherever it sets up operations. He maintains that a company has to truly understand the needs and tastes of the customer base in the regions that they are working in. OSI invests a great amount of time and effort into gaining customer trust.


OSI Industries is Looking for Human Resource Workers

The human resource department in any company is extremely important. Not only do you protect the rights of employees, but you also serve as the bridge between employee and employer. If something isn’t working, or employees are being taken advantage of, it falls upon your shoulders to deal with the task accordingly. It can be a rewarding experience, particularly in OSI Industries where they treat their employees like family. If you want to work for a company that only accepts the best from you, but knows that you can expect the best from them, then you should consider some of the following human resource positions.

1. HR Receptionist

For those who have exceptional skills in writing and speech, you can become a valued asset to OSI Industries. Although it isn’t required, if you are capable of speaking Spanish, that will place you at the head of the line for this position. Your responsibilities include directing calls and messages to the appropriate person. You’ll also need to type up documents that are assigned to you, and if you are able to speak Spanish, you may be required to type up translations as well. It’s possible that you may be asked to enter invoices into accounting, too. It’s not all hard work though, as you may be assigned to help coordinate office parties, potlucks, and decorations. Those who have a decent amount of experience in customer service are most valued for this position.

2. Human Resources Plant Manager

If you have plenty of HR service already under your belt, you may be the perfect candidate to take up a leadership position at OSI Industries. Essentially, you’ll be responsible for leading the entire human resource department at the specific plant to which you are assigned. You’ll give guidance in regards to issues like corrective action, grievance resolution, and other issues that may pertain to employees. You’ll also oversee recruiting, interviewing, and selecting salaried and hourly potential employees. Conducting employee orientation and all new hire paperwork will follow this, and it will be your responsibility to oversee it. In addition, during hearings, you’ll be required to represent the company in regards to unemployment claims.

Besides supervising the team in the human resource department, you’ll also supervise the safety supervisor to ensure that all plant inspections, new hire orientations, and other safety measures are being performed according to OSI Industries protocols.

Contact OSI Industries: www.crunchbase.com/person/david-mcdonald-7

The Career of David Mcdonald& OSI Group

David Mcdonald Career History Background

If we had to name the most challenging and demanding fields to work in, the food and business industries are perhaps numbers one and two on that list respectively. When we consider the large workloads and extensive working hours that it takes to work in these fields, it is no wonder only a few companies see very successful tenures. While there are some successful companies that have found success in at least one of these fields, it is safe to say that even fewer have prospered in both industries. It takes a special company such as OSI Group to not only produce in these work fields but, also thrive in them. For one, the fact that they have not only succeeded but have also managed to make a name for themselves in these industries, speaks volumes about the company. In addition, there output and contributions to both industries have quickly earned them a reputation as one of the most highly-regarded companies in the nation. Needless to say, OSI Group was destined to succeed. That being said, no great company has success without its great leader. For OSI Group, that great leader is none other than David Mcdonald. So, to fully understand how David Mcdonald has managed to lead OSI Group to many successful years, here is more on David and his brilliant business tactics.

More on David Mcdonald& Leading OSI Group to Success

As alluded to before, it takes a special leader to guide a company to prominence. As for David Mcdonald, he has done that in many ways. From buying smaller companies around the world to doubling its supply for demand, to collaborating with larger food companies, David Mcdonald has helped OSI Group grow and expand in ways that have not been accomplished since his arrival. Simply put, OSI Group has benefited tremendously from the leadership and guidance of David Mcdonald. In turn, David Mcdonald himself has been benefited from the companies overall success. This is why, in many ways, David Mcdonald has established himself as the standard of supremacy in both the food and business industries. Also worth mentioning, David is more than deserving of all the success he has brought upon OSI Group and himself. All in all, there is no getting around the fact that David Mcdonald and OSI Group will continue to find success for many years to come.

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David McDonald of OSI Group Leads By Example

David McDonald was born in Iowa. He attended the University of Iowa and graduated with a senior award in animal science. Being visionary, he committed time and effort to learning the business rope through OSI Industries. Dave landed an executive position. In his capacity as an executive, he transformed the business into a global manufacturer of meat-based products. Dave was later promoted to be the chief operating officer of OSI Industries. He oversaw critical decision making in the firm.


After graduating, Dave focused on OSI Industries where he was trained for leadership. He rose through the company’s leadership ladder within a few years of service. His exceptional leadership skills played a pivotal role in his appointment. His achievements supported his appointment as well.


Dave was interested in utilizing available resources to develop the community. He, therefore, used OSI Industries to invest in agriculture and entrepreneurship. In 2011, he was responsible for holding an initiative that organized a meeting in China. The meeting saw to it that a student was employed. Until now, OSI Industries has supported many initiatives including China’s economy. McDonald is supportive of viable, community projects.

OSI Group

OSI Group is a private–owned firm that provides meat-based products. The company provides custom valued products. For this reason, it is known as the world’s premier foodservice provider. In addition, OSI Group offers unparalleled resources for client’s satisfaction. The extensive capabilities that OSI Group harbors in food-service delivery and product development can barely be matched. The firm continues to incorporate the international distribution of custom food products across the world.

Dave’s Leadership

Behind the stellar reputation of OSI Group is the amazing leadership of David McDonald. He has expanded OSI’s production capacity to over 15 countries. Alongside that is the 20,000 employee base that he’s incorporated in the company. Dave’s responsibilities extend to his chairmanship at the board of directors. He streamlines the company’s managerial docket. This is facilitated by his ability to quickly respond to pressing issues. Dave ensures that clients have high-quality experience at OSI Group.

Dave’s Contribution to OSI Industries

With over 65 facilities, OSI Group has consistently served clients in various capacities that include supply chain management, distribution and processing. Dave has overseen these processes by ensuring positive feedback from the same clients. As a young man who grew up in the farming culture, Dave invested in farming. He cultivated the virtue of patience and dedication in order to excel in business.

About OSI Group: relationshipscience.com/david-g-mcdonald-p4523992

How Sheldon Lavin Led OSI Group Into Becoming An International Powerhouse

Sheldon Lavin the owner and top executive at OSI Group, LLC, a company headquartered in the state of Illinois. His company was first established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a man that emigrated to the United States from Germany. Over the years the company gradually expanded operations, starting out as a family meat market and then becoming a wholesaler. The company was named Otto & Sons in 1928 and continued operating under this name until the 1970’s.

In the 1960’s Otto & Sons became one of the four national suppliers of processed beef to the fast food giant McDonalds. In the early 1970’s they needed to expand and open a new processing plant in order to meet McDonald’s needs. Sheldon Lavin was a financier who handled the loan that OSI Group needed to build this plant. He eventually joined the company, which changed its name to OSI Group in 1975, and became part owner of the company along with members of the family that still ran the company. Over time he bought out their interest in the company and is now the sole owner of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group’s chairman and CEO. When he first joined OSI Group it only operated domestically. Under his leadership, the company now has offices and processing facilities across the world including in Europe and Asia. It is now ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest private company in the United States, with revenue of about $6.1 billion. There are over 20,000 employees of his company and they produce many types of food products such as meat patties, pizza, vegetable products, hot dogs, and more.

Some of the main focuses of Sheldon Lavin are on producing safe food that is processed in an environmentally responsible way. He also works to make sure that the suppliers and growers his company works with also focus on food safety and the environment. His company has won many environmental and sustainability awards while Lavin has been leading the company.

His life’s work at OSI Group led to Sheldon Lavin being honored by Vision World Academy, an organization located in India. He received their prestigious Global Visionary Award. The award was presented to him due to his contributions to the growth of jobs on an international basis, including in the nation of India. He said he was very honored to receive this award and the recognition of his work over the years.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin

Ambitious and Innovative Expansion Plans by Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

The OSI Group, previously known as, Otto & Sons, is the creative masterpiece of Otto Kolschowsky, an American of German descent. As of 2017, the company has secured tentative meat supply tenders from the biggest stake players in the food and hotel industry, like McDonald and KFC. OSI’s CEO is the award-winning business executive and leader called Sheldon Lavin. Here’s a recap of a French Tribune article where CEO, Sheldon Lavin opened up on his career trajectory and the green innovations adopted by his company as it expands.

In the interview, it becomes clear that the OSI Group had it really rough in the first three decades of opening. The prospects of the OSI Group changed drastically, however, when the meat supplier landed an exclusive and long-term contract to supply McDonald with meat and meat products in the mid-fifties. Two decades later, the OSI Group had exponentially scaled up its operations to now own a meat processing plant in the state.

Sheldon joined the OSI Group in the mid-seventies and he’s credited with introducing the revolutionary processed food preservation method that utilized nitrogen gas as opposed to the commonly used, carbon freezing method. Otto & Sons officially changed its name to the OSI Group in 1975 to reflect its newfound stature as a global entity. The meat processing firm stepped into the lucrative Chinese market in 2002 and has since risen to be among the top 20 most valuable food companies in the region.

In 2016, Chicago papers reported that the OSI Group had doled out $7.4 million to acquire a 20K square-feet, modern food processing plant previously owned by Tyson Foods Inc. In the same year, OSI Group of Industries also bought a significant controlling stake of the Baho Food Company. The move aimed to better re-position OSI Group in the European market as Baho Food has dedicated plants in Germany and in the Netherlands.

Sheldon Lavin goes ahead to mention the incredible gains and advances the OSI Group has made in Germany, Canada and in the UK. According to the CEO, the OSI Group would never have successfully penetrated these markets were it not for joint investments with like-minded partners.

As of October 14, 2017, the OSI Group, privately held meat processing and supplying company had over 20,000 full-time employees. The food company traces its origins at Oak Park in Illinois, Chicago. The OSI Group of industries started out as a small butchery in Oak Park Chicago back in 1909. A hundred years on, and OSI is a Forbes-listed behemoth of a company with multi-million dollar investments in China, Germany, UK, Canada, and Japan.

Learn More: www.foodworks.pl/en/osi-group-en.html

Sheldon Lavin’s Professional Overview

Sheldon Lavin is a renowned executive in the food and meat processing industry. Mr. Lavin joined the food sector as an outsider whose specialty was in the banking and finance segment. Eventually, Sheldon Lavin transformed his ambitions into being particularly productive in the food industry. Sheldon’s path in the food and meat industry commenced in 1970; when he offered his financial aid to the Otto & Sons Organization. Mr. Otto valued Sheldon Lavin for the advice he gave them when they had the opportunity to be a hamburger supplier to McDonald’s Enterprise. While helping Otto &Sons with their financial problem, the bank asked Lavin to possess the Otto & Sons Firm. Being a kind-hearted individual, Mr. Sheldon Lavin refused to be the organization’s owner and instead opted to serve as the organization’s financial advisor.

While at Otto & Sons, Sheldon Lavin became engaged with the company’s operations entirely. He then decided to be the company’s collaborator. As a result, Sheldon Lavin transformed Otto & Sons into OSI Group, LLC. Since Sheldon’s acquisition of the organization, OSI Group has extended its operations throughout the globe in North America, Europe, the Philippines, and India among other nations. At the moment, Sheldon Lavin is recognized for OSI Group’s achievements in supplying protein-contained products. Under Mr. Lavin’s instructions, OSI Group is operational in over sixteen countries managing more than 55 facilities.

Sheldon Lavin’s forty-three-year-old career experience in the food industry has been recognized. On February 20, 2016, Mr. Lavin was presented with a prize by the Vision World Academy in India. The Global Visionary Award is presented to visionaries who have endured hardships until they finally realized their dreams and ambitions. Not only did the company receive the dreamy prize but also other different honors from various nations. In the same year, OSI Group was recognized by Britain by the World Honor Prize. OSI Group acquired the present due Lavin’s strategies towards the protection of the environment and risk management. During Lavin’s leadership period, the enterprise was presented with other health administration and sustainability awards. Sheldon Lavin hopes that the next corporate generation will enhance priorities in sustaining the environment.

Additionally, Sheldon Lavin has impacted his community via OSI Group. The organization has provided job opportunities to its people and is currently hosting almost 20,000 employees around the world. The workers are an asset to OSI and have inputted the company with an outstanding corporate culture that is family-oriented. Additionally, OSI Group experiences little turnover cases with workforce longevity.