Heavy Contributions Flood in from George Soros

Despite the fact that George Soros has a huge amount of money and thus, has the ability to throw his hat in the ring when it comes to influencing major politics in America, he has even stated himself that he thinks major donors should not be able to make such an impact. However, the multi-billionaire, who has amassed around twenty five million dollars over his career, has had quite a lot to do with politics in the United States. He has made large contributions to the Democratic party, dating back well over twenty five years and has been a major donor for various campaigns on Biography. He was unsuccessful in helping to keep George W. Bush out of the white house twelve years ago, when Bush ran for his second term in 2004, investing well over twenty million dollars. It is without question that he feels this election is more important, even than that election in 2004, as he has upped the ante and again is investing around twenty five million dollars in the Democratic party.

The basis of this type of investment is to help Hillary Clinton get into office, through various tactics that need a monetary source to work. One of the things that Soros has done in this election was invest five million dollars to restrict conservative voting. In other words, a large chunk of the money that he has invested has gone directly to stopping the opposition to the Democratic party, in terms of preventing conservatives from getting out and voting. You can kind of think of this as playing his cards on defense, although he has a very active offensive strategy as well. George Soros has invested another five million dollars that is directly aimed at increasing the ability of Hispanic voters, many of whom are illegal and cannot vote, based on the current laws governing the United states.

The reason for attempting to sway these laws and get illegal immigrants on cnbc.comthe right to vote is the fact that the vast bulk of these votes will go directly to Hillary Clinton. There is a very, very low chance that any of these illegal immigrants would vote for Donald Trump, especially considering the talk about building a wall between Mexico and the United States, which George Soros sees as a place to pick up a lot of votes. The giving that George Soros is taking place in is centered around getting the Democratic party into the white house and preventing the Conservative party from not only getting into the White House, but also into the supreme court, as this election weighs heavily in the Supreme Court as well. While his investments in business have been wildly successful, his efforts proved futile in 2004, although this is a completely new ball game and he has the funds to play.