The Kabbalah Centre: Teaching Valuable Ancient Wisdom To Modern Man

Since pop star Madonna began looking into Kabbalah, countless non-Jewish Hollywood stars have expressed a fascination with this form of Jewish mysticism. It has even led some to convert to Judaism. Some say Kabbalah centre eliminates the chaos in their lives. Others use it to overcome difficult changes with which they are faced. The Kabbalah Center website says Kabbalah uses ancient wisdom to provides practical tools which create lasting fulfillment and joy and changes your worldview. It also provides deep insight into the essence of God and creation’s purpose in the flowing: click here.

Sammy Davis Jr. said it gave him strength and connected him to spiritual peace. Madonna said it showed her the importance of helping others. For Elizabeth Taylor it influenced who she and her burning desire to improve the world. Marilyn Monroe felt it represented the concept of living “a close family life” . Britany Spears was interested in Kabbalah then switched to Hinduism. Many Orthodox Jews are critical of the interest of Hollywood stars in studying Kabbalah. Traditionally, it was only studied by Jews over age 40. However Rabbi Philip Berg felt simplifying Kabbalah makes it more relevant to modern life.

The Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles, California is a non-profit organization that was opened by Rabbi Phillip Berg in 1984. The Kabbalah Centre offers Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings both online and through onsite study groups. It’s multi-ethnic, international staff provides guidance to a worldwide student community. The courses were developed by Rabbi Berg, the center’s director, and Karen Berg, his wife.

At the Kabbalah Centre, their approach is students don’t need to understand Hebrew and Jewish texts to begin learning the teachings of Kabbalah. They see other religious and spiritual belief systems as branches of one universal wisdom. The Kabbalah Centre isn’t an alternative to the world’s religions, but is a supplement that can add to them.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that everyone can connect directly with the Light of the upper metaphysical-spiritual world, but Klippot blocks the spiritual energy and prevents it from entering body. By studying and practicing Kabbalah teachings as well as Jewish law, Klipppot can be removed.