In An Epoch of Progress, A Renewed Fight Against Child Abuse: The Partnership of RAINN and 11:11 Media Impact

In a society striving to become more enlightened, the shadows of malevolence that lurk — in particular, the specter of child abuse — still present an alarming challenge. As the nation pushes the boundaries of advancement, grappling with socio-political issues from racial justice to climate change, the epidemic of child sexual abuse often remains a […]

RAINN Responds to Recent Verdict on Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Crimes

In the wake of the latest verdict on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual crimes, RAINN has released a statement expressing its stance on the matter. The organization, founded by Scott Berkowitz, continues its mission to combat sexual violence and support victims. The verdict on Weinstein’s case signifies a monumental shift in the fight against sexual abuse, and […]