Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies is Making the Right Connections in The Corrections Industry

Prisoners and their families needed to be able to connect. Law enforcement and other members of the corrections industry needed to secure the safety and well-being of their citizens. For both entities it was important to make the right connections. Rick Smith has been in the telecommunications industry since 1972. He served in various capacities while working for Global Crossing North America from 1972 to 1998. His expertise in the industry was noticed when it came to choosing someone who had a handle of the financial aspects of the business. Smith wasn’t Securus Technologies’ first choice when they established the company in 1986. He would need to hone his skills at Eschelon Telecom Inc. It was here where Smith from 1998 to 2000 improved the financial aspects of the company as Chief Financial Officer. He was also busy learning more about the new communication technology available. His hard work and dedication to the company earned him respect. He was promoted to company president in 2000 and served until 2003. He was promoted again in 2003 to take over as CEO.

It was around 2007 that Smith got interested in prisoner communication. He knew that newer technology was being implemented all the time. His company had been working with telecommunication companies that served prisons and other correctional facilities. The officers at Securus Technologies noticed his work and the fact that he had been a driving force for change within his current organization. For the officers of Securus Technologies it was important that they hire someone who had an extensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry and had some dealings with this type of communication. Smith fit the requirements for the recently vacant position perfectly. He understood the companies that would be merging together. He had the background Securus needed to make sure the transition went smoothly. He had the enthusiasm and motivation to move the company forward. He could “hit the ground running” as he understood the core elements of Securus’ mission.

It was Smith’s commitment to connecting what matters most to both the incarcerated and their families that contributed to Securus’ success from the time he took over the reins in 2008. Smith saw Securus Technologies as a strong investment. He realized early on that he needed to encourage ongoing service and project development throughout the company. He also knew that public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies would depend on his company to provide them with safe and secure communication portals. Securus Technologies’ commitment to making the right connections showed in the innovative ways they continually help prisoners connect with their families. Easy to use but secure communication was and still is an ongoing process for Smith and his company.

Why CEO Rick Smith is Such an Asset ToSecurus Technologies

Leading the charge for dynamically growing company Securus Technologies is Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith. Smith was appointed as CEO by the Board of Directors in 2008 after successfully holding multiple leadership positions within the company as well as having a sterling career in management at several large companies. In each position he has held, he has grown the company to a more successful place than it was prior to him accepting the management position. Securus Technologies is one more success story for Rick Smith’s leadership. He joined the company in the early 2000s and rapidly climbed their management ladder prior to being named as Chief Executive Officer. The company was created after the successful merger of other companies and was just a baby in the field of Inmate Management Technology at its inception. However, today is as become a leader, if not the leader, in the field and it is known as the innovator of the industry, consistently developing new technologies to serve North America’s correctional facility institutions.

Securus Technologies has two branches of its services to prisons and correctional facilities.First, they offer calling services to inmates. They are revolutionary in this field in two ways. In the first way, they allow inmates’ loved ones to credit their account in a bank account style way of funding that can easily be done online. The person simply logs on and adds a certain amount of money to the inmate’s account and they can then use this to either make or receive calls from their loved ones. Not only can they make calls but they can make video calls as well as emails. It has been shown that inmates who have more contact with loved ones and the outside world adjust better than those who don’t upon release.Second, Securus Technologies provides technology programs that make prisons safer in a technological age.

For example they have a Cell Phone Defender program that seeks out and locates contraband cell phones being brought into prisons illegally. These cell phones can be used to do a variety of illegal activities or harmful activities that can damage people on the outside. Additionally they have a program that blocks these cell phones from being able to connect to the internet so that even if they pass by security there is no potential to cause damage. Rick Smith has been an asset in taking Securus Technologies to the next level since he has become Chief Executive Officer. He is a passionate innovator that encourages his team members to always be looking for the next way to push Securus to the forefront of inmate technology security. Securus Technologies is now one of the leaders in the Inmate Management Technology industries and it continues to grow and expand its product offerings.

Eric Lefkofsky Latest Tech Startup is Making Personalized Medical Treatment Possible

As CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, is involved in building a massive database of genomic data and developing tools for physicians to mine the data, as opposed to overseeing scientific operations, which he leaves to the company’s president, a top genetic researcher. By storing advanced genetic profiles of cancer patients, Tempus gives oncologists the software to find profiles similar to their own patients, determine which treatments were successful, and then draw on the data in real-time clinical settings.

While Eric Lefkofsky earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School, he has been a tech entrepreneur since graduation, with a special interest in big data. Lefkofsky, who frequently donates to organizations involved in cancer research, saw that the costs for mapping the human genome have decreased significantly, but physicians were not using the data to personalize medicine because there was no easy way to analyze the information. The cost of storing large amounts of data also had decreased, so Lefkofsky decided to compile the data, create a proprietary algorithm and then provide doctors with the means to utilize the data.

When founding Tempus, Lefkofsky used his Accelerated Disruption method, which states that individuals who have an idea that could change an entire industry should act on it right away. Lefkofsky wrote Accelerated Disruption, published by Easton Studio Press, about his theory in which he offers startup founders’ real world, practical advice. Considering Lefkofsky co-founded five successful tech startups, his advice is valuable. In addition, Lefkofsky teaches students how to create disruptive business models at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and, as an adjunct professor, teaches a course in entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Lefkofsky and his wife created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to support medical research and other worthy causes, primarily in the Chicago community. Their generous donations include a donation of $1 million to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and $1.2 million to the University of Michigan. Besides his numerous gifts for medical research, Lefkofsky enjoys supporting the arts; organizations that have benefited from the Lefkofsky Family Foundation include the Art Institute of Chicago, the Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Chicago Botanic Garden. Lefkofsky and his wife both signed The Giving Pledge, a non-binding agreement to give half of their net worth to charity during their lifetime and more information click here.

Eric Pulier Gets A Head Start On Entrepreneurship

Multitalented entrepreneur Eric Pulier is well known for his contributions to the world of business and philanthropy. He began learning to work with computers when he was just in the fourth grade, and by high school he launched the start of his entrepreneurial career with the start of a computer database company. After receiving his diploma, Eric Pulier began studying English and American literature at Harvard University where he also wrote articles for The Harvard Crimson. To no surprise, in 1988 he graduated magna cum laude. Shortly after graduation, Pulier was ready to launch his second business. In 1991 he moved to California and founded People Doing People, a company committed to assisting members of the community by addressing issues pertaining to education and healthcare.

In 1994 he launched his third company, Digital Evolution. After partnering with US Interactive LLC in 1998, he helped launch and create the Starbright World platform. Seeking a way to help children battling chronic illness, Pulier brought innovation and technology to the treatment room. Social media has become a major part of life for both children and adults. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are common social media platforms and applications used to stay in contact with friends. This same idea is what helped influence the launch of Starbright World. Children and patients can now share their stories in an online community made just for them. Starbright World offers a safe, fun and interactive environment for chronically ill children to communicate, share stories, and build lasting relationships with their co-fighters.

Aside from his knowledge leadership and contributions to the business world, Pulier is a compassionate and dedicated philanthropist. He is a member of the board of the X-prize Foundation, as well as The Painted Turtle, a children’s camp for children battling chronic illness. Pulier is well known and widely respected for his selfless contributions to the world of philanthropy, as well as his contributions to business and leadership. More Info Here.

Talk-Fusion, Industry Leader in Communication Solutions.

Talk Fusion has received a second award this year due to its superior Video Chat. The video chat won the Technology Marketing Corporation’s Communication Solutions Product of the Year 2016. The award portrays the video chat as the best in communication products and solutions that are available in the market. The award rewards unique products and services that have either been launched in the market or have been significantly improved in the last one year.

The video chat can be used on any device to communicate with anyone regardless of their location. The technology behind it is WebRTC. The app is available on Google Play Stores and iTunes. Rob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, talked of their commitment to stay ahead as they have great plans for their video marketing solutions. The same sentiments were echoed by Ryan Page who is the company’s chief technical officer. Page confirmed that Talk Fusion team is efficient and innovative, and is set to achieve even bigger goals as the award shows they are on the right path. In less than twelve months, Talk Fusion has managed to launch a new site, introduced WebRTC recorder and free trials. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 and is available in more than 140 countries. It is an all-in-one video marketing solution that uses dynamic strategies that are memorable, persuasive and engaging. It enables people to stay in touch as the products are used for business, charity and personal purposes. The video marketing products increase sales and profitability and organization’s reputation.

The video chat is a product that allows face-to-face communication. The video email is easy and fast to make, and the result is an attractive video email. Live meeting is a product which is excellent for organizations with team members in different locations. One can easily organize and host a global presentation, upload power point slides, record presentations for future use, and participate in live chats. Another efficient product is the video newsletter which can be created using the drag-and-drop interface where one can put in a logo and favorite colors for a high impact newsletter. You can also engage more in the social media sites and also get to track who is sharing and watching your video emails and who is attending your meeting.

IAP Worldwide: Serving The Military And Commercial Clients Since 1951

When you need advanced professional and technical services like facilities management communications systems, field hospitals, airfields or global-scale logistics, you should contact IAP Worldwide. They’re a world leader in supplying engineering, manpower and technical support to the U.S. military and civilian organizations. If you find yourself in challenging terrain or situations and you need experts that can quickly get your organization’s facilities up and running, you can count on IAP Worldwide to get the job done right and right away.

They have a track record of excellence under pressure and can perform superbly in any theatre. Since their founding this pioneering company has been known for using their technical skills, ingenuity and experienced staff to accomplish any purpose or task they face. IAP Worldwide offer a combination of technological expertise, incredible equipment and experience that makes it possible for them to complete any assignment. They embrace the challenges these difficult assignments present and handle them with unmatched professionalism. IAP Worldwide has proven itself capable of handling even the most complex challenges.

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The Beginning

Founded in 1951 as Pan Am World Services, they built and operated the Cape Canaveral, Florida based space launch complex, the first in the U.S., and has since supported in excess of 2,500 launches of all types. When Johnson Controls acquired Pan Am World Service, the new company was called Johnson Controls Worldwide Service. IAP Worldwide soon became an international leader in operations, management and maintenance of commercial facilities and military bases. It became known for automating the environmental control of facilities, improving security, lighting and fire systems, providing temporary personnel and technical support and increasing energy efficiency through innovative new methods.

The company grew even stronger in 2006 when Irmo, South Carolina based logistics and procurement company IAP acquired JWCS and created IAP Worldwide Services on prnewswire.com. It also bought British engineering company G3 Systems Ltd. and added their deployable modular systems, equipment and facilities design, operation, and maintenance capabilities.

IAP also provides a range of support services for the U.S. military and many other clients in almost two dozen countries and 110 locations worldwide. This includes supporting over 175,000 military personnel in the U.S. and elsewhere and providing humanitarian aid, healthcare and life-sustaining supplies to improve the quality of life for many people.

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