Cancer Treatment – There are Options

Cancer can be one of the scariest words a doctor can say to a patient. We often hear the word “cancer” and immediately think it is a death sentence. That is not the case. There are a lot of options when it comes to cancer treatment. Let us discuss some of these options.

If you receive a cancer diagnosis from your doctor, Cancer Treatment Centers of America recommend that you get a second opinion. Even if you trust your doctor, they are human, and humans err. A second opinion through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America can broaden your current options, or at the very least, confirm that you are choosing the best method for your stage of cancer. They are there to help you understand each option so that you are confident in making an educated choice.

Some of the treatment options available through Cancer Treatment Centers of America to help treat cancer include:

– chemotherapy
– radiation
– immunotherapy

Additionally, it can be treated with surgery. However, through Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the cancer is always fought on two different levels at the same time.

With cancer treatment often comes negative side effects. Many patients experience side effects like pain, nausea, and extreme fatigue as they are fighting to beat cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses a combined approach to help relieve some of the negative side effects, keep the patient strong, and improve his/her quality of life as they fight their battles with this disease.

Cancer is not always a death sentence. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, check with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in order to understand all of the treatment options available to you.

What Do Ford, Trump and Devos Have In Common?

Leadership is a special quality. Not everyone can lead effectively. Is this leadership quality what connects Ford, Donald Trump and Dick Devos?


A Ford Able Automobiles


It would have been very easy for Henry Ford to have run a car company selling only to the wealthy. In fact, his first company was aimed at that market. But, then he got a bright idea.


“What if he sold a car that everyone could afford?”


That would be revolutionary and change how men got around town. So, Henry Ford picked up and started a new company dedicated to selling cars to the common man. It was almost like history had created him for this destiny.


For who is better for creating affordable cars, then a man who could create aFORDdable cars? The rest is history.


President Gerald Ford


It is one thing to create a grand company, it is another to run a great nation. Thankfully, President Gerald R. Ford was able to lead the country during a very difficult time. He was also the namesake for the Grand Rapids International Airport. The rest is history.


Entrepreneur Trump


Who is better for “making America great again,” then one of its shining entrepreneurs? It is not easy to develop great ideas and turn them into successful brands. President Donald Trump has a knack for it.


Many men would be happy with one successful company; but, not Donald Trump. Business Man Donald Trump has been behind the United States Football League, “The Apprentice,” casinos and beauty pageants. His thoughts were revolutionary.


Time and time again, Donald Trump identified what the people wanted and delivered. And, that is exactly what business is all about. The successful business leader provides the products and services that people want and need.


So, now America wants to be “great again.” Many men competed for the right to be in that position – president of the United States of America. President Donald Trump understood the message, had the background and took the message to the people. He won.


Now, he has the mandate to make real changes. He needs to help the country return to its productive foundation. He has turned to another man with great ideas and effective actions, named Dick Devos.


By appointing Dick Devos to oversee the Civilian Board of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), President Donald Trump has added a man with a can-do attitude. Mr. Devos is a pilot who started an academy to train new pilots.


Philanthropist Devos


Those who create new brands understand the challenges of creativity. The Devos family is in line with the Fords and Trumps in achieving that which had not been done before. They dared to dream.


It is great praise to consider Philanthropist Dick Devos amongst these great man. He has accomplished a lot, but hopefully he still has a lot to offer. History will tell his tale. Learn more:

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva : The Dentist Behind MB2 Dental Solutions

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a well-known name in the field of dentistry. He is notable owing to the incredible contribution that he has made to the field and because of the company that he started up. The organization that he founded is known as MB2 Dental Solutions and is one that offers a range of solutions to dentists to make their practices more efficient and business friendly. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva after he spent a considerable time working in the dental industry. One of the main aspects of the organization is that it makes the entire task of running a clinic extremely easy and straightforward. The company has received an incredible amount of support from dentists all over the country. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has been able to give dentists all over the country something that they so desperately needed.


When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva passed out of medical school, he was in the same situation that most people in the country who are going to become dentists face. He was in the predicament of whether or not he should start up his practice or join a large organization. He tried to weigh out the pros and cons of both but was still confused about which option he should pick. When trying to set up a new clinic, a dentist usually faces several hurdles along the way. One of the more striking aspects of running a clinic by yourself is that the head doctor has to handle everything there. This includes things that dentists are usually not trained to do and can take away from the aspect of actually treating patients and doing something that you love. The other alternative is to join a large organization and work as a doctor under their supervision. While this may be ideal for those who don’t want to do all the unnecessary things, these organizations tend to only pay attention to how much money a doctor can make, and therefore leads to the company focusing on how many patients that they can treat rather than the quality of services that they offer their patients.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to form an organization that would be able to offer dentists the best of both worlds, which is what led to the formation of MB2 Dental Solutions. Using incredible business strategies and providing top-tier services is one of the core foundations of the company, and has contributed to the growth of the organization as a whole.

MB2 Dental Solutions Recently Held a Successful Recruitment after Hosting Students from A&M College of Dentistry

On April 20, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions hosted a recruitment event for dental students from Texas A&M College of dentistry. Over the course of 2016-2017, MB2 Dental has been traveling around Texas and other nearby states to equip them with networking and resources that will allow them to have more career options upon graduation. According to the CEO of the MB2 dental, they do this annually to educate eager dental students about their industry. The goal of these events, according to the CEO is to establish a relationship with the students and introduce them to MB2 Dental. Regardless of whether they join the network or not, they want students to be aware that they have options.

The event was held at the Knox Henderson area. The turnout was impressive with about a third of the final year students showing up. The students and the officials from MB2 dental had an opportunity to chat over charcuterie cheeses, gourmet pizzas, drinks, and desserts. There was a raffle with the winner walking away with an Apple Watch.

What the CEO has to say about MB2 Dental Model

MB2 Dental is based on the principle that doctors should work together to help each other achieve more than simply working alone as individual dentists. With its able leadership and over 75 locations in six states, the network has enabled dentists to run their practices more efficiently and to have a better work-life balance. According to the CEO, MB2 Dental seeks out doctors who have an entrepreneurial mind and whose goals are in line with their business model. He added that by showing students they have options other than simply private or corporate dentistry that was a success in itself. He believes that by doing so, he has empowered a future doctor.

Understanding MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental service organization that collaborates with affiliated dentists everywhere. They provide a range of services to these offices to assist them to run them more efficiently. This allows the dentist to focus more on giving patients great care instead of the concentrating on the backend of things. Dentists that sign up to the network maintain complete autonomy. MB2 Dental only assists them in running the business side of things. The network is providing a fresh and youthful outlook on how practices should run. This model thus far has proven to be quite beneficial to countless patients and doctors.

Texas’ Highland Capital Management and Funds

The SEC-registered firm, Highland Capital Management is a company that offers consultation to their clients. They have a net worth of more than 15 billion dollars when assets with affiliates are combined.

Highland Capital Management is a global solution to credit management, and it is concerned in planning how borrowed money can be utilized well to the last cent. Credit acquired can range from, credit hedge funds, long-only funds, special situation investment borrowing, distressed funds and separate accounts. Offering counsel on how to take control of collateral loan rules is something that they can provide.

Diversity is functional in case one significant aspect of the business falls; the other will supplement it. Highland Capital is also interested in investing in the following; public pension plans, charity foundations, financial institutions, high-net-worth people and government finance planning. They encourage the emerging markets to invest in equities and make use of natural resources in the countries that have vast underground reserves.

The headquarters of Highland Capital is in Dallas Texas with other large administrative centers in Seoul where they are planning to create a healthcare fund that will provide healthcare to the South Koreans. The other offices are, in Singapore, Sao Paolo, and in New York.

Still, on the topic of health, they would like to help people who are addicts. Opioid menace is the addiction that is of concern affecting mainly the productive and young people in the population. They have come up with solutions of less-addictive painkillers. They also wish to come up with drugs that are an alternative to the addiction menace and sell it to make profits.

James Dondero, the president, founder of Highland Capital Management and Linda Owen has teamed up to fund the charitable programs of in the organization. Linda joined Highland Capital to help in the generous giving of the firm. With the charity having more than 3 million dollars that they get yearly, they are going to extend a helping hand to veterans, health, and education and in promoting the Dallas Community. Institutions that are going to benefit are Uplift Education, George W. Bush Presidential Library, American Heart Association, Dallas Zoo and Center for Brain Health only to name a few.

James Dondero : An entrepreneur’s love for Dallas runs deep

A good man is always looking to make the right difference in the world.

This statement rings true for Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, Mr. James Dondero. After acquiring a degree in accounting and finance at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Dondero went on to launch his career with JPMorgan Chase & Co in 1984. Things only looked up from here as Mr.Dondero succeeded in landing a highly desirable job at American Express. After acquiring valuable experience, James Dondero established his own path in the world with his investment firm in 1993 which is based in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to adeptly handling credit operations such as collateralized loan obligations and credit hedge funds, the entrepreneur believes in giving back to the society. He has contributed to numerous local charity organizations and has shown his love for education by supporting causes such as “Uplift Education”, “Education is Freedom”, and Tower Scholars program sponsored by Southern Methodist University. Dondero also stands with “Snowball Express” – a program that is dedicated to serving the children of fallen military heroes through fun activities like golf tournaments and other events.

The philanthropist has also donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo which was in need of funds to reconstruct the hippo habitat after the death of a senior hippopotamus. Now, hippos roam freely in their new home. Additionally, the humanitarian has donated $1 million to The Family Place – a local haven for victims of domestic abuse and violence – to help it reach it’s $2.8 million campaign goal.

James Dondero’s generosity is not only limited to charity organizations, he has also helped businesses grow and expand with his financial expertise and knowledge. After taking over the role of Chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, Mr. Dondero turned the startup into a prosperous $2 billion business.

Owing to his strong leadership skills, James Dondero holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors for NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.He also holds three of the most recognized certifications for accounting – CPA, CFA, and CMA.

Being a Dentist With Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, a company that helps doctors in order to focus on their practice only which is offering excellent dental care to their clients. Dr. Villanueva has an extensive work history which includes associate dentist trainer, associate dentist as well as a mentor. Currently, Dr. Villanueva serves as the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest doctor-owned Dental Support Organizations in the United States. The doctor is passionate when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the profession of dentistry. He also offers mentorship to new dentists who new to the field and lack the needed experience.
Born in Ohio, Dr. Villanueva was brought up in South America and Asia. He went to for his high school studies in Caracas. Venezuela. He is married to Carol Villanueva who is also a physician with her won practice based in North Texas. Together they have four lovely children. Dr. Villanueva holds a MC in Microbiology which he earned from the University of Florida. He also attended the Nova Southeastern University where earned his DMD. Dr. Villanueva understands that dental practitioners require assistance in order to solely focus on their careers.
Since MB2 Dental was established it has managed to support many practitioners at more than 70 affiliated locations in six states. The organization currently has 533 employees who work full time and share the same values and visions as the company. The staff at the company is skilled and experienced to serve all the needs of the practitioners so that they can only focus on their main activity which is offering the best treatment to their clients. MB2 Dental has an excellent management team in place that is mandated to come up with strategic goals and plans of the organization.
Dr. Steven Villanueva says that the success that he has managed to get as a practitioner and the owner of MB2 Dental comes from hard work, commitment and discipline. Since he was young, the established dentists always had a dream of bringing people together and he achieved this when he started MB2 Dental. He has managed to bring together many of the dentists in the US where they get to interact and share their experiences from their practice. They also get training on how maximize their practice and succeed in their field. Dr. Villanueva has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient leader and practitioner.

Highland Capital: How To Hire A Reliable Investment Firm

If you are looking for high quality investment service or financial management solution, you need to do some research to find a trusted tea. Choosing an advisor for investment purposes is not something to be taken lightly. Once you have a good advisor or team of financial advisory service on your side you can rest assured that your investment will yield significant returns.

There are several ways to go about finding a good firm to handle your investment tasks for you or to advise on how to go about it. The right financial or investment advisory firm will take the time to evaluate your current situation and work closely with you to determine the best strategy or investment options for you.

Want to sign up with a great firm that renders investment advisory and wealth building advice? Then check out Highland Capital Management right away. This reputable company has a team of qualified advisors and will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the quality of their service.

Highland Capital is one of the leading firms in the industry and has been around for many years. The company has an established history of rendering top notch financial planning, money management and wealth building and investment services.

Numerous clients have benefited tremendously from the services provided by Highland Capital and its team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They have great expertise in the financial services industry and can advise you on how best to save money, invest in lucrative opportunities, and grow your investment portfolio.

Before hiring an investment firm, you need to find out about their reputation. This is crucial if you want to ensure a great experience. Reputation is extremely important whether you are trying to hire a professional to help you get started or you need expert advice on how to expand your assets and build wealth.

Highland Capital is a clear choice for any ambitious person who wants to attain great success in their endeavor. Contact Highland Capital for more information and to schedule a consultation with one of their experienced professionals.

Find more information on Highland Financial on Twitter

Cleaning Up With Clearabee

It has been said “A clean environment is a healthy environment.” Regardless of it being one’s home or office space, decluttering and getting rid of all unnecessary items and rubbish is generally a good idea. Rather than doing this alone and purchasing the required equipment and materials on your own, which can be costly, there are rubbish removal companies which are available nationally and internationally as well. Also, packing items, especially oversized items, and transporting them from place to place can be weary and exhausting. Again, hiring a rubbish removal company may prove to be beneficial and there are many.


Clearabee is one such company. Clearabee is a Waste Management start up company based in the British UK and founded by Rob Linton and Daniel Long in February, 2012. Initially, their company was another man-in-a-van rubbish removal recycling service. After contemplating with each other as well as with others in the Waste Management industry, the co-founders of Clearabee set out on a quest into online marketing which lead them to managing an on demand rubbish removal company, and Clearabee was born. The clients of Clearabee can arrange for refuge and recycling collection on the same day. Clearabee has processing centers which receive from Clearabee according to the requests submitted by its consumers. This removes any hassles or complications.


In the future, Clearabee is heading towards opening their first location in North Ireland, with great plans to expand to the Republic of Ireland where there are numerous key accounts.


Clearabee launched its on demand waste management service in February, 2013. In June, 2015, the company opened its fifteenth location in Edinburg, allowing them to operate across mainland Britain, thereby, achieving their nationwide rollout. Some of Clearabee’s future goals include obtaining property developers and facilities management accounts.


Remember…..”One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.”





Marc Sparks: Entrepreneurship In Mind And Philanthropy At Heart

Marc Sparks, the Founder, and President of Timber Creek Capital – a venture capitalist firm, is very focused on his goals and what he wanted to execute in the society. Marc has tasted massive success in his entrepreneurial life along with debacles in some of his bets. This made him looking things beyond success and failures in his adventures and also encouraged him to invest his time in philanthropy equally. From his childhood, he was very much concerned about the struggling people, children and wished he could support by making them capable of doing things themselves. His philanthropic initiatives are well-thought and not meant for a single time or recurring cash assistance but giving them vocational training, offering the resourcing, and finding an earning occupation for them.

Marc has almost 40-years of experience in startups and known as a famous serial entrepreneur. He guides aspiring business people with support, guidance, and assistance through Timber Creek Capital. To support and mold new business ventures, Marc modified his office to contain all the technology innovations for startup needs and to create a world-class business environment for them. He sets specific goals and targets for each venture by closely working with them and understanding their products or services and its potential. As a person with decades of experience, he can easily understand the risks associated with various industries and mentors the ventures with greater expertise. He offers office space, capital, marketing, banking, tech solutions, etc. for new ventures.

Sparks also wrote a book to explain his entrepreneur journey to aspirants. He focuses on providing details of failures in the book than highlighting his success. He believes that the success has nothing but a celebration and almost no lesson can be taught from it, whereas failures are a real resource for learning. Marc also focuses on pointing the fact of being fearless in investments. He says he keeps two questions in mind while taking up any new project “How do I do it?” and “Am I afraid of losing?” Marc explains the qualities he keeps himself anchored into, focus, passion, faith, savvy of Monetization, tenacity, and the most important one, a great sense of urgency to run a successful entrepreneurial and philanthropic life.

He also plays a bigger role in various causes, and he is associated with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter from the 1980s. The shelter in Texas accommodates 160 people at a time, give them food and vocational training, employ them or find a job for them and making them independent in five months. He also assisted a large number of homeless people in making their dream come true by helping them financially to construct homes or building houses for them. Through the foundation “Sparky Kids,” Sparks gave away more than 1,000 laptops to street kids to help them support themselves and break out of poverty.