“Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Enthusiasm”

Doe Deere also known as Xenia Vorotova has changed the game dealing with her cosmetic brand known as Lime Crime. Before launching her company, Doe Deere was known for her internet personality which she displayed time and time again as a rebel and business minded lady. She used an internet platform called Livejournal to usher in the start of her promotion for Lime Crime. As Mrs. Deere popularity increased on Livejournal so did her marketing for her cosmetic products. In the beginning stages Lime Crime was offering the following cosmetic products: glitters, brushes, primers, and eyeshadow. These products took off and as her net worth increased so did her product line.


Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies that appeared online. Internet sensations such as Instagram that houses many digital beauty companies now were none in existence during the launch of Lime Crime. One could say that the way Doe Deere used the internet as a platform to launch her brand was genius. Mrs. Deere set the tone for other cosmetic companies to jump aboard the internet advertising train and become prosperous at doing it. Even though there are many of internet cosmetic companies available today, the name Lime Crime is still set apart and easily distinguished from the rest.


The idea for Lime Crime started in 2004, when Doe Deere created an Ebay business called LimeCrime for her DIY fashion line. She wanted everything about her fashion line to show her personality. She did the modeling and designing of each product. She was able to create a quite impressive catalog of fashion, but she realized how hard it would be to find the unusual and real bright colors that truly expressed her personality. Four years later Doe Deere launched Lime Crime knowing that she was going to be the one to put those unusual and bright colors on the market; not for DIY fashion, but for cosmetic purposes.


The purpose for Lime Crime is for one to not be held down by the constraints of society dealing with the application of cosmetics. A person should be able to express themselves unapologetically; so Doe Deere has created a product that shows the mood of its users. When a person searches through the catalogs of Lime Crime they will see a new type of product that varies and speaks to every occasion, whether it is going for a party or to a business meeting. This was the main idea behind Lime Crime, and since its launch it has met the needs of its consumers. Learn more: http://doedeerefam.com/


Doe Deere the Russian born, New York raised CEO was set out on a mission to prove that cosmetics could be used for more than just its ordinary uses. Instead of trying to conceal flaws a person could actually express themselves through the usage of makeup. It is not always about what makes a person look the best and what color looks best on them; Mrs. Deere rather a person wear what makes them feel honest about themselves. Beauty should not be limited to what the world consider beautiful and Lime Crime is a company that understands that thoroughly.

Julia Jackson And A Love For Wine

Julia JacksonIf you were to ask the middle child of the wine-making family, the Jacksons, about her passion for wine? She would tell you it’s been a lifelong interest, along with her love of the French language.Julia Jackson is the daughter of wine-makers Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, who run Jackson Family Wines.From 2006 to 2010, Julia attended Scripps College, where she received a bachelor of arts in studio arts. Then, she obtained a general management certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2010. Julia also spent a great deal of time in Bordeaux, France. There, she learned the French language, along with studying winemaking from French winemakers.

Julia JacksonDue to her time in France, she also taught it to a sixth-grade class for a period of time.Julia currently works for her family’s company, Jackson Family Wines.At the family company, Julia Jackson works hard on marketing and PR campaigns. She also works diligently to promote Jackson’s international wine brands, like the Italian wine, Arcanum.Julia Jackson has also founded a nonprofit. Her organization is called ‘Cambria Seeds of Empowerment’. This program is aimed at empowering women who are doing good for their community. It awards a cash grant yearly to a nonprofit that meets certain criteria.

Proprietor, Salesman & Influential Figure: Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines of the Pacific Northwest has been on a mission since 1982. Founded by the late Jess Jackson, This family owned and operated company is pushing the boundaries for what a successful winemaker is and should be. Jess Jackson, and his wife Barbara Banke were the perfect one-two punch. He handled the physical growing of the agriculture and she handled the demanding business side of the company. Their children played a vital role as well because they actually had to work out the fields of the Santa Maria Valley. The principles of hard work has carried over into adulthood as these individuals hold prominent positions within the company itself. Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess and Barbara, seem to stand out even from a young age. Her love for wine didn’t occur until after she spent some time working in Bordeaux, France.

This is where she entrenched herself fully by studying distribJulia Jacksonution, push-downs, French sales, yeast-adds and many more. At times, she would work 14-hour days. Learning about global market was her goal, and she did just that by shadowing Nicolas Seillan. Julia also has a close friend who just so happen to be French. As of today, she works as a representative, a proprietor and a salesman for Jackson Family Wines. This company has a huge global following thanks to its many wineries. These wineries are located in France, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Italy. Its Barbara’s Clone Pinot Noir has a dark red color, and it’s full of blueberry and smoky earth aromas. Julia has accomplished her dreams thanks to attending Stanford University, by studying in France and by being a part of a well-established organization. Seeds of Empowerment is also her actual nonprofit foundation, and it gives back to the tune of $100,000 per year.

Julie Zuckerberg: An Executive Recruiter Lead

Julie Zuckerberg works at Deutsche Bank as a Vice President and an Executive Recruiter and a Talent Acquisition Leader. Deutsche Bank is an investment bank with its roots in Germany. She is a graduate of the City University of New York-Brooklyn College, where she graduated with a bachelor in Philosophy. She later on enrolled at New York Law School and graduated with a law degree.

Julie has enjoyed an active career throughout her life. In 2002, her career kicked off when she joined Hudson, which is a recruiting and consulting firm in New York. She took a position of director of candidate placement. During her tenure at Hudson, which lasted five years, she was able to recruit paralegals, support staff, attorneys, case managers, as well as other employees that were required. She was entrusted with the responsibilities of providing job information, promotion, benefits that come with the job, guidelines, and the nature of employment. Her background in law also came in handy, especially when solving workplace related conflicts, offering employee counseling, and providing her expertise in conflict resolution.

In 2007, she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank located in New York City as their Executive Recruiter. She specifically worked with Citi Global Functions, which is a department of the Citigroup Inc. She was tasked with helping the management to formulate various recruitment strategies and come up with adequate compensation trends which would attract the best talents and give the firm a competitive advantage in the market. She also incorporated various methods of recruitment, including direct sourcing, employee referral, social media, and internet search. She was also tasked with recruiting executive level personnel in legal, audit and compliance departments. In 2011, she was considered for the position of Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank due to her impressive performance with Citi Global Functions. Her skills and knowledge in law also made it possible for her to be involved in various levels of negotiations, including immigrations, equity buyouts, clawbacks as well as the relocation of the workforce. She was also expected to handle global sourcing of talent by engaging promising candidates from other regions, while on the other hand handling issues related to expatriate process and international relocation.

In 2013, she joined New York Life Insurance Company as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and later on becoming the Corporate Vice President. She helped to formulate and design models for recruitment of talents across the country. Her partnership with senior management in identifying client needs also proved vital in providing creative solutions to the business. Her period with New York Life Insurance only lasted four months, but she was able to achieve so much in that short period.

Julie enjoys the outdoors and social event. She has stated that she loves nature and traveling. She likes to read new books, especially the business and corporate books. The nature of her work has made it possible for her to meet new and influential people as well. She is currently residing in Manhattan, New York.