IAP Worldwide; the Principal Logistic Service Provider in US

IAP Worldwide is a leading service provider of logistic services to many government agencies and organizations based in United States. Given their long experience of close to 60 years, IAP Worldwide have developed management skills that are necessary for handling many delicate issues requiring technical know-how. They specialize in ensuring that missions and operations are completed successfully even when facing the most difficult challenges.

In 2015, IAP Worldwide purchased two companies based in Oklahoma and Aberdeen to increase the efficiency of its operations. DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions were acquired to provide a backup to the firm’s technological and technical capabilities. The services offered by the companies include aircraft repair, mission support services, engineering, and communication technology.

Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide, said that the purchase of the companies was a plan to grow IAP Worldwide’s services on aviation and engineering solutions that were essential in providing quality services to their clients. Besides the purchase of the companies, IAP maintains close affiliation to leading technological tactical companies.

When employing new experts on careercast, the company ensures that they pick candidates with unique skills and commitment to providing results that can change their clients’ lives positively. The firm’s workforce comprises of teams composed of experts with a firm background in management, finance, and engineering.

IAP provides its logistic services in more than 25 countries worldwide. The company supports agencies working in most challenging environments such as battlefields and disaster management. Their teams are dedicated to providing labor, mission plans, and technical management tasks that support clients’ workforce.

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IAP operates in three major categories. They include government services, expeditionary infrastructure, and power solutions.

Government services
IAP provides support services to the US civilian and defense agencies that provide security to the country. The support services provided include field medical supplies and technology vital for successful missions.

Expeditionary Infrastructure
IAP offers logistical services like construction, infrastructure, and relief to non-governmental organizations and companies working in humanitarian environments.

Power Solutions
The services are delivered by IAP’s member affiliates who provide necessary equipment for generating power.

The primary mission of IAP on jobs.net is to provide logistic services that help humanitarian, government, and military agencies to accomplish successful missions.