Citizen App Safe Connection In The Community

Citizen App has been active since 2017, founded by Andrew Frame. His main priority was to ensure the community’s safety through wide digital networking. Citizen App has been able to highlight various safety measures for its consumers. The digital app works in similar ways to the police scanners. The company ensures that all the information is screened before being released to other people. The US-based platform has been pivotal in helping various locations in the country, including Baltimore.

Recently the company launched its ever-first paid feature, notably referred to as protect. The feature will be a considerable relief to individuals who feel overwhelmed by stress, especially in unacceptable conditions. Further, the new feature allows the subscribers to connect with top responders for help. Citizen App has been critical for the community, especially in distress. Other notable features have helped in the management of security.

Among them is the SafeTrace that was used during the Covid pandemic. It was the enforcement of security as it helped individuals locate the area that has been critically affected. Through a GPS location, the users would quickly determine the areas affected by the virus. The feature is affordable, ranging at $19.99 a month for subscribers.

Citizen app allows individuals to share videos, among other crucial concerns over security. The company has also put its plans forwards to work with law enforcement officials, among other experts. All the measures are aimed to improve the security measures that have been areas of interest.

The company has gained recognition in the country, with subscribers increasing each day. Further, the company has continued to connect other features to make the community a safe place. It has been growing through its successful funds that have raised millions of money. Among the top funders include Venture Capital firms and many more. See this page for more information.


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