Desiree Perez Opens School to Further Help Communities

RocNation is an entertainment giant that comfortably sits at the intersection of several industries ranging across several different sectors. The company has branched off from its music roots to expand into media, sports, politics, fashion, and education. Rocanation’s expansion and growth over the last twenty years have left many of its leaders with years of valuable knowledge. CEO of RocNation Desiree Perez hopes to pass that knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs with the RocNAtion school of Music, Sports, and Entertainment, The school is in partnership with Long Island University, where the classes will also be held.

Interested students can learn about the entertainment industry while also pursuing a post-secondary degree. Desiree Perez’s primary goal is to help those students who have traditionally lacked opportunities for higher education. RocNation will provide scholarships to these students who enroll in the school. The school’s unique resources will help students accomplish their goals and access new career opportunities. And there are plenty of unique opportunities and experiences that the school has to offer. With the school being a by-product of RocNation, students have the advantage of being accessible to some of the most renowned musicians in the musical entertainment industry.

The RocNation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment is one of the many projects that RocNation is working on that help minority communities. RocNation and Desiree Perez have dedicated a large amount of the company’s time and resources to help push for reforms in social justice and social issues. Desiree Perez has worked with RocNation since its foundation. In 2019, she was named the CEO of the company. Since her appointment to the position, the company has pursued more philanthropy and social reform issues. Although Desiree Perez is one of the few female CEOs in the music industry, she has tremendous influence.