Edgard Corona Graduated From Rio de Janeiro

Edgard Corona is an entrepreneur and also the CEO of SmartFit. Edgard has become the foremost name in the fitness industry segment in Brazil. The company is a gym that provides gyms and fitness teachers with the knowledge to provide clients with the best physical workouts.

1. About Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona is a businessman, SmartFit Fitness inventor, and Bio Ritmo proprietor. The University of So Paulo in Brazil is where Edgard received his degree. He graduated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Escola Imperial do Exercito, with a bachelor’s degree in information science and technology. An American Society for Training and Development member, Edgard. He belongs to the Brazilian Chamber of Computerized Industrial Engineering and the International Union of Electrical and Electronic Trade.

2. Reasons To Start SmartFit

Edgard created the company because, at the beginning of his career, he realized that to succeed, a lot of work was required, and he had to be efficient. One of the main factors in Edgard’s fitness business ventures was that he needed help to specialize entirely in any operation, such as fitness or sport. He extensively studied every aspect of his fitness business and began working with gym and sports facilities during his youth in Brazil. When Edgard started teaching, he realized he could speak with his clients as a friend. He liked training people and improving their health by helping them obtain the physical and mental benefits of a healthy lifestyle, ultimately improving their lives.

Edgard Corona has taken Brazil’s health into his own hands by starting the company and providing knowledge and expertise to corporations, personal training, and individuals to improve the physical fitness of Brazilians. The firm has helped Brazil become one of the fastest-growing markets in the world regarding health and wellness. Refer to this page for additional information.