Edgard Corona Plans on Expansion Still Realistic Post Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, most gyms have not been operating for over a year. The financial effects have been felt by gyms owners worldwide, especially Edgard Corona of SmartFit. Owning several gyms in Latin America, he was quick to make plants to ensure that the closure of the gyms temporarily would not turn permanent.

Steps taken

The SmartFit gyms have not been operating since the advice of Edgard Corona on closing them. He made a conscious decision to protect his clients before the pandemic crippled the industry. Edgard realized that health workers were burnt out. He worked with the parent company Bio Ritmo, placing in several measures to ensure that the subsidiary gyms were not used as a breeding ground to spread the pandemic faster.

Future Plans

Before the pandemic, Edgard Corona had hoped to expand the gyms by more than 230. The opening of several gyms was to accommodate clients from different countries. However, due to the pandemic, Edgard used the money to ensure that the workforce could stay on the payroll and provide for their families, with the remaining amount used to buy protective gear for his employees.

Change Plans

When the lockdown limited movement of people, the Bio Ritmo boss switched to ensuring that people could still exercise from the comfort of their homes. He took advantage of the widespread use of the internet, opening up free online classes to encourage all participants who were members of the SmartFit gyms to exercise using materials found at home. Since its opening, over eight million people in Brazil and worldwide have logged in, with over 800,000 different people logging into the daily live training.


Since most people worldwide are vaccinated, the company is starting to reopen the use of the gym to its members. However, the risk group is using the online platform until further notice. With more people aware of their fitness and health status, Edgard Corona is optimistic that there will be a rise in more people signing up for membership. His previous plans of opening the new gyms will be possible, leading to the company’s expansion. To know more click: here.