Edgard Corona with His SmartFit and Bio Ritmo Businesses

SmartFit and Bio Ritmo are successful businesses in the fitness arena that are currently dominating the sphere of the Brazil area. These are the brainchildren of one of the region’s most powerful businessmen, Edgard Corona.

Edgard Corona started his first business, Bio Ritmo, as a result of getting the idea that people wanted more local gyms in his home in Brazil. Many people had to travel far away into a city to access a gym, and this just wasn’t practical. From what he heard people saying on the matter, many years ago, Edgard Corona decided to take advantage of this situation and open the gym.

The company spread like wildfire, and soon there was a gym throughout the entire region of South America.

His second company, Smart Fitness, was a bit of a different matter. In order to feel the need to open another gym chain, Mr. Corona had to find another angle. However, it wasn’t long before he did. SmartFit is so named because it focuses on the learning part of fitness. Just like Mr. Corona hadn’t known anything about fitness when he opened his first gym, he learned as he went, and he’s now providing that same experience to his customers.

Each customer can watch a video program demonstrating fitness so that they can follow along, learning and grow better at it. In fact, this is such a strong theme for the company that during the pandemic, when the locations themselves has to close, the company was able to maintain revenue simply by streaming video to its customers who had access if they were subscribed to the gym and in food standing.

These videos showed them how they could exercise with everyday objects if they couldn’t go outside due to lockdowns, which was often the case for many of them.

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