ElectrifAi Developing New Tech

ElectrifAi is a company that focuses on developing the Internet of Things (IoTs) with artificial intelligence. It aims to make smart devices more user-friendly, intelligent, and accessible. The platform uses blockchain technology to enable the connection of multiple devices to its network, where they can be managed easily by users. The platform also features a user-friendly billing system that allows users to have an easier time paying for the services used by smart devices.

Valuation and Investments.

ElectrifAi is a platform that aims to make it easier for users to utilize blockchain technology. Its main focus is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT. Its developers have developed an AI designed to make smart devices more user-friendly by making them accessible and responsive to users’ needs. The platform has also developed open-source platforms for developers to create smart devices. The use of blockchain technology aims to improve data security and privacy in smart devices, a need brought about by the internet.

ElectrifAi plans to launch an ICO where users can purchase native tokens called “EFIE.” This token aims at facilitating the use of the platform’s services.


The development team behind ElectrifAi has achieved notable milestones in only a few months. One of their accomplishments was the creation of a working prototype of the platform that is ready for testing and demonstration. The prototype proved to be very efficient in streaming media over the blockchain. This accomplishment also helped generate wider interest in the platform and increase awareness about its services.

The platform is a good project to invest in and watch. It’s within the right age and has a strong team of developers to achieve more success in the coming period. We wish the project all the best and hope this article will help you understand,