Gino Pozzo, Legal Owner Of Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo is the current legal owner of Watford Football Club, a professional football team in England. He is also an Italian businessman who founded the power company Arrigamenti Industriali and the family within which he is said to have an estimated net worth of £560 million.

Pozzo is a professional lawyer, having attained a degree from the University of Milan. He succeeded his father in managing Arrigamenti Industriali in 1986, eventually taking complete control in 1994 when his father died.

He transformed Watford Football Club from being a struggling club to the Premier League. Watford’s new home ground, the Vicarage Road Stadium, has undergone major renovations and has brought about a high level of success for the club by winning promotion to the Barclays Premier League and several cups and trophies.

Awards and Achievements

Gino Pozzo has been featured in several business journals and newspapers, including The Times and The Financial Times in Britain. In addition to his business experience, Pozzo was a keen football player in his youth, playing for the Milan youth team.

In recognition of his contribution to the sports industry, Gino Pozzo was initiated into the Cambridge University Hall of Fame in May 2015. He is a keen supporter of many charities, mostly cancer-related, and has also been a prominent fundraiser and ambassador.


Gino Pozzo is a practicing philanthropist, mainly supporting cancer and children’s charities. Gino Pozzo worked with Phiri Pharmaceuticals Inc. and contributed to developing his family’s product, Prospango.

Gino Pozzo is also part of the Colon Cancer Association, alongside other prominent names such as Bill Clinton and Ben Affleck. Pozzo was also part of the fundraising campaign for Susan G Komen Across America that raised $200 million for breast cancer research and education.

He was also a spokesperson for the campaign. Pozzo was also part of the campaign against Leukemia, led by Novartis, where the company made an investment of $1 million for the cure of Leukemia. Refer to this article to learn more.


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