Greg Aziz on the Importance of Strong Leadership in the Railroad Industry

As the Chairman, President and CEO of one of the world’s leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies, Greg Aziz has a wealth of experience and insight into the industry. In a recent interview, he discussed the importance of strong leadership in the railroad industry, and how it can help companies navigate the ever-changing landscape of transportation and logistics.

Aziz began his career in the industry in 1971, when he joined his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. Over the course of 16 years, the company grew to become a worldwide importer of fresh foods, with distribution to all of the major fresh food wholesale markets across the United States and in Eastern Canada. This early experience gave Greg Aziz a strong foundation in the principles of business management and leadership.

This has served him well in his current role as the head of a major railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company. When asked about the challenges facing the railroad and freight industry today, he cited the need for companies to adapt to new technologies and changing market conditions. Greg Aziz said: “The railroad industry is constantly evolving, and companies need to be able to adapt and innovate in order to stay competitive,” he said. “That’s why strong leadership is so important – it allows companies to navigate change and stay ahead of the curve.”

Aziz also emphasized the importance of clear communication and collaboration within a company. “Effective communication and teamwork are key to success in any industry, but they’re especially important in the railroad industry,” he said. “You need to be able to work closely with your team to identify new opportunities and solve problems.” Greg Aziz recalls how a recent news story from reported that the railroad industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce emissions and improve sustainability. 


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Aziz acknowledged the importance of these issues, and emphasized the need for companies to take a holistic approach to sustainability. “It’s not just about reducing emissions – it’s also about finding ways to operate more efficiently and minimize waste,” he said (Facebook)

“It’s about looking at the entire supply chain and identifying opportunities to improve.” In conclusion, Greg Aziz believes that strong leadership is the key to success in the Railroad industry. Companies must be able to adapt and innovate in order to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of transportation and logistics. Clear communication, collaboration and a holistic approach to sustainability are necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the industry. As he has demonstrated throughout his career, Aziz’s leadership skills and experience will continue to be an asset to the industry.