<h1>Reasons Vik Bansal Will Take Over as the Company's Chief Executive Officer</h1>

Boral Limited, a global building materials manufacturer and distributor, has named Vik Bansal as the incoming chief executive officer. While the company is committed to successfully growing its business in Asia and the United States, Vik was a good fit because of his extensive background in corporate leadership.

Vik Bansal is recognized for his ability to boost business profits, thereby adding shareholder value and providing complex industrial companies with a competitive advantage. His incredible work was evident at Cleanaway Waste Management Company, where he established a significant operational and financial discipline that raised the value of the company’s stock shares.

Vik manages InfraBuild, which is a producer and distributor of steel, in its efforts to strengthen its brand. The company has recently reported an increase in net sales due to improvements in its operational metrics. As a general manager, Vik has built a team that enables the company to provide value for all significant stakeholders as it continues to take the lead in producing sustainable steel.

Vik Bansal’s method of leadership is primarily centered on developing an operating model that establishes clear performance with regard to stakeholders and firm productivity. As a result, InfraBuild and Cleanaway have developed into businesses that appeal to their staff, clients, and stakeholders through implementing sustainability practices such as decarbonization.

Vik’s work at InfraBuild and Cleanaway is closely related to operations in Boral. Therefore, Boral anticipates that Vik will incorporate more environmentalism and sustainability practices to solve the company’s issues.


Vik serves as the current Chief Director at Boral. He was brought up in Northern India and went to college to study computer science. He later enrolled for a degree in electrical engineering and continued to earn a master’s degree in business administration, which prepared him to start a career in business. Vik has expertise in leading teams in various organizations, which has helped him succeed as a global executive.

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