How Don Manifold Helps Generate Wealth for Others

Don Manifold is a managing director at Equity & Advisory, a well-known corporate advisory company in South Australia. Before his current role, Don worked in South Australia as the managing partner for EY. Manifold’s career began in Adelaide, and he has held positions in big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and London, before coming back to Adelaide.

Don Manifold flaunts an extensive professional experience of over three decades, with a specialization in corporate finance for more than 25 years. He has handled more than 60 acquisitions, capital raisings, divestments, and IPOs with an incredible total valuation exceeding $3 billion. Plus, Don has produced independent expert reports worth over $25 billion for various businesses. Besides his professional life, Don is married to a dermatologist named Rachel, and they have three daughters. During his leisure time, Don engages with his family, cycles, runs and occasionally participates in triathlons and more

Background of Don Manifold

Don was raised in a small city known as Mount Gambier and attended university in Adelaide. Immediately after graduation, he began working at KPMG before progressing to have several stints in Melbourne, London, and Sydney. Eventually, he saw it fit to return to hometown in 2006. All through his career, Don has exclusively worked in the consulting industry for the big four companies until he started to work for Equity & Advisory.

Equity & Advisory was founded in 1997 by Mark Vartuli and Stephen Young. At first, the firm offered corporate advisory services, but the founders advanced their focus to mining services and created a successful investment named E & A Limited. Don joined Equity & Advisory in 2018 to revitalize the corporate advisory business. Since then, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth.

An Introduction Into Equity & Advisory

Equity & Advisory is an illustrious corporate advisory company in South Australia, offering help to private and family-owned firms with several services like acquisitions, restructurings, divestments, and capital raisings. The experienced team in this form has helped manage over 200 successful transactions worth over $8 billion.