IM Academy

IM Academy is a learning platform where anyone can learn and build a career in the global Forex market. The IM Academy offers various courses that equip traders with the knowledge and skills to succeed. It also provides a variety of video lectures from world-class Forex traders, cutting-edge technology, and courses designed with input from top trading firms.

The Academy has accelerated growth as a leading online learning platform as people have moved away from physical interactions in favor of online interactions. IM Academy offers a cutting-edge social experience through its virtual trading room, one-on-one chat, and webinars, which allow students to interact with top industry professionals.

The online education program was launched in 2005 as a private firm specializing in Forex education. IM became a publicly traded company in 2007 through a reverse merger. With the addition of an online trading room and live webinars, the company’s educational platform expanded to offer a vast array of courses, events, and instructors. The program has become so popular that it consistently ranks among the world’s top 200 most visited websites.

The company has received accolades for its virtual trading room and webinars. The academy has been praised for its social learning environment. In a review of the platform by ForexLion, the site was praised for its excellent social environment that allows students to learn from one another and their industry experts. The company was also commended for its affordable pricing model and for offering a one-on-one support experience.

The future of education is already here. With technology, the Internet, and social media all playing a crucial role in personal development, IM is one of the first companies to make such an impact on the world of online education. By offering a one-on-one environment that allows students to learn from industry professionals, IM has established itself as an example of how virtual interaction will shape our future. Read this article for more information.


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