IM Academy

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IM Academy was founded as a small start-Up by two independent entrepreneurs and Forex traders, Christopher Terry & Isis De La Torre, in 2013. They both worked in the financial markets before establishing IM Academy and wanted to combine these experiences and knowledge into one easy-to-use online learning platform. Over the last eight years, IM has grown into a large company with approximately 250,000 active users who benefit from its educational tools and services.

IM Academy’s highlights include four key pillars – education, research, training, and development. These serve as distinct focus points for the company’s activities. They also provide an ideal framework for describing IM Academy’s approach to business. In addition, IM operates within three broad vertical sectors – financial services, healthcare IT and life sciences, and manufacturing technologies. Each sector forms part of one of these areas.

IM Academy prides itself on always being ahead of the curve and maintaining a remote work environment for its employees. Saving money on office space and real estate allows them to focus entirely on hiring top-quality talent without any geographic limitations and helps them keep their energy focused completely on their educational mission. Being so far ahead of the curve means they can operate smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the emergency measures taken due to COVID-19.

IM Academy’s core learning program is called the AcaDome. In addition to being able to download it straight to your computer or mobile device, new learners can also watch these same instructional videos online through live streaming. Students can also practice what they learn during the live session by applying the information to real-world scenarios in the classroom or work environment. The top known classes are DCX, ECX, FRX and HFX Academies. The school ensures to give students a good package and discounts for those who enroll in all the subjects at once

Trading Videos provide a basic understanding of how forex trading works. However, most of the actual training occurs through live interactive classroom sessions where students can learn hands-on. Students also have access to the GoLive interactive session feature allowing them to practice what they learned in advance without spending any money. Please click here for more information.

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