Immensa – Additive Manufacturing

Immensa Labs is a startup of the largest global manufacturing company, 3D Systems. It is focused on bringing additive manufacturing to emerging markets in the Middle East region.

Last year, Immensa Labs was selected by Arabian Business as one of its ten fastest-growing entrepreneurship companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company has since emerged as a leader in hardware prototyping and injection molding services for vendors looking to bring new products to market faster than ever before.

The goal at Immensa Labs is simple: create an ecosystem that accelerates the adoption of this technology, spurring electronics manufacturers across the Middle East region.

In 2012, Immensa Labs entered a licensing agreement with 3D Systems to bring additive manufacturing (AM) hardware and services to the Middle East. The agreement has since evolved into an OEM contract in which 3D Systems provides the software, hardware, and accessories for a manufacturing service fee from a local vendor. It lets customers choose various hardware options that work with 3D Systems’ Protostar software.

The company has announced plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia, home to five AM printing factories globally, by 2020. The company believes AM will become the preferred 3D printing method for electronics manufacturers across the Middle East, allowing users to produce prototypes in a fraction of the time required to fabricate parts using other technologies.

3D Systems has partnered with MSA, one of the country’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies serving the oil and gas, defense, and auto industries, to bring 3D printing to automotive design and engineering applications. MSA is responsible for engineering designs in collaboration with clients that are then implemented on production tooling. With additive technology like AM at their disposal, designers can immediately validate design concepts on large-scale tooling without risk.

AM allows users to produce prototypes in a fraction of the time required to fabricate parts using other technologies. Each layer of AM is supported by the base material, making it ideal for small-batch production and producing highly-specialized parts.