Interview with Dermatologist Tim Ioannides MD

Tim Ioannides, MD, introduced Treasure Coast Dermatology physician. He is a leading skin care service provider in eastern Florida. The inspiration to become a dermatologist came from his parents who taught him to find absolute satisfaction in life by helping others. His parents worked in the field of medicine at the University of Miami. They help others even when they are not at the facility they worked at. Although they were famous for their work, they did not mention it to Tim.

Tim Ioannides joined the skin practice after completing his medical training. The practice provided patients with services such as cancer screening and cell removal. Although the insurance company did not pay for them, they also dealt with cosmetic procedures, including Botox or collagen. Therefore Tim and his colleagues made a profit from offering such services. However, Tim felt that he was not doing enough to fight cancer and began looking for an opportunity to get out of town. After getting a chance to open his practice in Port, St. Lucia, he took it.

Tim Ioannides chose Port St Lucie because it is based in the region with the country’s second-highest rate of skin cancer. A group of retired people had little or no knowledge of how to protect their skin. Tim looked forward to building a business that will incorporate all the concepts of skin cancer, including education on preventing it. His practice now has five locations on the Coast of Florida. The team in his performance encouraged him to keep moving forward. Several nurses have been with him for more than 15 years.

Tim Ioannides MD learned many things while working for another dermatologist. He has developed cosmetic procedures to make patients feel better about their appearance even though they may not be medically necessary. He started his practice so that he would focus only on what he wanted to do. However, things did not happen overnight.

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