John Hailer Discusses the Industry

Natixis Global Asset Management, an $897 billion French investment powerhouse, has John Hailer as its chief executive for the Americas and Asia. He is responsible for the company’s global distribution and is in close contact with several unique managers.

John Hailer voices his ideas regarding the difficulties facing the industry. According to him, the main obstacle is how asset management companies like his adapt to the new economy, given the regulatory pressure, fee pressure, and transparency concerns.

Natixis’ management strategy of funds openly specializes in effective management and Hailer is certain that the team of committed specialists at the company knows what is necessary to demonstrate the success of active management.

Natixis John Hailer criticizes investment managers dependent on managing bloated funds and are too cautious about making risky investment decisions for fear that the funds would be depleted if they were wrong. He is similarly concerned regarding the monetary investments with the best ratings from organizations like Morningstar being given too much attention.

Contrary to popular belief, he has no problem with passive funds. He insists that investors should combine development and value-adding approaches in their portfolios in addition to passive and active funds. Hailer believes that Natixis should give its intentional equity and alternatives benches more depth by considering its affiliate and product specialties. He explicitly cites the UK market as possibly one of its top growth geographies over the previous twelve months.

Looking ahead to 2017, Hailer acknowledges that surpassing the one-dollar trillion mark for assets under management is a target. Still, he stresses that there is no competition with Amundi, a fellow French wealth management giant that recently passed through the threshold after flotation in November 2015.