Keter Sustainability Efforts

Keter Leads the Way in Creating Sustainable Products

Keter is at the forefront of sustainability efforts. They are ever working to create more environmentally friendly products, a move that the CEO, Alejandro Pena, says is beneficial internally and externally. By creating sustainable products, Pena says that the employees have something to be proud of. Externally, the sustainable products have elevated the status of the company, making it popular among retailers.

Sustainability in a World of Petroleum Materials

Keter uses resin to create their lifestyle indoors and outdoors products. According to Pena, one of the pitfalls they have faced is in the use of petroleum-based materials to create their products. However, Pena notes that even as the industry inches towards sustainability, they are working to be the stewards. Keter uses 40% recycled materials to cut down raw materials and create all their products to be recyclable.


Growing Sustainable Business

Keter is a growing business. Currently, the business has 29 plants in Israel and other parts of Europe and the world. The Keter community keeps growing. This is a community people focused on making the world better with sustainable products. They create products in the areas they sell them, which reduces shipping and other activities that can increase the carbon footprint.

Even after selling for many innovative and sustainable products, Keter still plans on making better products by using more recycled materials and ensuring that there is a recycling program or end-of-product life program in all areas where they operate. They will continue to be leaders in their industry and in creating sustainable products, more information click here.