Krishen Iyer: Financial Plans Designer

Krishen Iyer is a self-made millionaire with a high-flying profile in the corporate world. He’s a seasoned professional who’s been on both sides of the table in business negotiations and has advised all levels of global corporations. He worked relentlessly to build his company and make his dreams come true. Now he wants to help others with their goals. 


Krishen Iyer owns and founded MAIS Consulting, a company that uses predictive analytics, data science, and other innovative techniques to improve financial performance. MAIS offers affordable insurance coverage for everyone. Krishen Iyer began his career right after college, so he has extensive experience in insurance policies and related fields. 


His first company to establish was an insurance firm known as Name my Premium. The business expert´s leadership skills led the firm to be named in the Inc. 5000 list. After leading his first investment to a household name, Krishen Iyer founded an insurance and marketing firm that powered his financial growth, Managed Benefits Services. 


This is a firm that helps companies manage their policies in the best way possible to increase revenue. The business expert´s goal was to help others succeed financially and live, offering them customized financial plans with affordable insurance covers. Krishen Iyer wants to help the average person who needs to be connected to a wealthy community or family funds and web wealth management products. 

These are the basic steps of being successful. Iyer is also a community giver and has contributed several times to not-for-profit organizations, including Make-A-Wish Foundation. This foundation has had huge success at helping people. He also helped families in Haiti during the earthquake. Krishen Iyer attended San Diego State University, graduating with honors with a bachelor of Public Administration. Krishen is always working on new trends to ensure sustainability in his business and provide clients with the best.