Krishen Iyer Launches Pianu App

Business expert and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is the college student that created an app called Pianu, which is a social network connecting piano players and those looking to learn. His drive to create the Pianu app was inspired by his father. His father had been teaching him music since he was just four years old, but as Krishen entered his teenage years, it became more difficult for his dad to teach him.


This is because business expert and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer would get easily frustrated with himself when he made a mistake. The business mentor and CEO at MAIS Consulting wanted something easier and more interactive so that he could keep on learning music.


His Achievements

Krishen Iyer had to learn new skills to create this app, including the skills of coding and graphic design. He used a program called “Ruby on Rails” (a free program) to code the app. The graphics first started as sketches on paper, then moved on to Photoshop after being digitally sketched. According to Krishen Iyer, an interesting fact about learning music on Pianu was that it was not originally intended to be a social network.


He explains that originally Pianu was intended to be a piano teacher, so it would record the student’s mistakes and then have the student play that part again. By making the app interactive, it made it more fun for students and also kept them coming back to learn more music. This is the website of Pianu, the social network that serial entrepreneur and business mentor Krishen Iyer created. 


It has made a lot of changes since he first started making it during his high school years, as he moved from “I’m going to create this app but I don’t know how” to now when we can see many of the features he originally wanted. Pianu is a very interactive app and fun to play on. Krishen Iyer has also added games to Pianu and currently has fifteen thousand members. Iyer has no official title, that is just the name of his big brother. He is one of the two heirs for his family who choose not to be engaged in business.