Launch House, a Private Community Focused On Connecting and Supporting Top Entrepreneurs.

Launch House achievements are many. The house has been a base for many of Boulder’s best startups, and has played pivotal roles in the success of companies like Equinix, Paragon, and many others. They have helped hundreds of successful entrepreneurs get their start with an inspiring environment to live, work and build their dreams.

Launch House founder, Dan Levine is a serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist who feels that this is what Boulder needs. “We see it as our one opportunity to make a difference in the world by having access to everything we need here on one street,” he says. “It’s all here.”

In addition to living spaces, Launch House will offer office space co-working space, mentoring programs and networking events. The facility will also offer a VIP membership that includes special access to the new community, a private section of the facility, and other amenities. In addition to services for startups, the facility will provide a space for corporations to meet with their Boulder clients and employees.

It is possible that the community could be built on this property in Boulder. “We will be doing everything we can to make sure the infrastructure needed to support a variety of ideas and companies is in place.” they said. “The way it works now, if you are an entrepreneur, you are forced out of town again. There’s not much choice.”

Launch House promises to be more than just a place where people live and work, but an incubator providing valuable support services that help entrepreneurs get started, grow and succeed.

The House’s first residents, who arrived on October 1, 2009, were professionals working on their own startups or doing contract work. A variety of corporate tenants began leasing office and co-working space in 2010 including LinkedIn. By 2015, many of these businesses have grown and are expanding into additional space of their own or have moved to other locations in the Boulder area. In 2016 The House began to focus its efforts primarily on providing catered housing for visiting journalists from around the world. Refer to this page for additional information.


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