Launch House Unveils House Capital – Its Equity Investment Arm

Today, Launch House, the elite membership organization focused on drawing together and reinforcing top business owners, declared the start of their financial arm, House Capital, and its first investment fund at $10 million. The fund focuses on funding companies in the LH society and other early-stage, high-development startups. The introduction of House Capital will further bolster LH by setting up a flywheel since the majority of income from the fund will be put into LH itself. With this added revenue, LH can develop stronger programming and better experiences for members.

Michael Houck, GP at House Capital and Co-Founder of Launch House, declared: “We have strong and meaningful relations with the new founders who become part of our community. We had already been able to support LH members with their capital-raising endeavors, so it made perfect sense to us that we should begin investing in them too.”

Since it began in January 2022, Launch House has invested in various corporations at the Pre-Seed and Seed phases, including Coinbooks, Ghost Financial, Anja Health, and beyond. In mere months, many of House Capital’s portfolio companies have been able to raise more funds at higher valuations, showing that the Launch House and House Capital systems are potent providers of profitable deal flows.

Brett Goldstein, a General Partner at House Capital and the Co-Founder of LH, announced, “It’s amazing how many mission-focused founders and innovative companies we interact with in the LH community. With the help of House Capital, we now have an avenue to hasten their progress towards resolving actual issues and helping to propel our world forward.”

House Capital‘s Limited Partners foundation comprises a broad selection of tech and entertainment players.

House Capital is thoughtfully compiled of two different funds – a 506(b) venture partnership and a 506(c) system that permits the firm to gather capital from accredited, small-check size LPs. House Capital isn’t alone in taking a more communal approach to invest – funds like Weekend Fund and Earnest Capital were able raising millions from the public over the last 12 months – being part of a broader transition towards an ownership-based economy. Click here if you want to learn more.


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