Margie Hauser Discusses Her Music Career

Music is really about communication. People love listening to the sounds they can relate to, whether those are happy or sad. That’s why I’ve loved helping create new music; because each project is unique and special. You can give people something that helps them connect with what they already know, or if you’re lucky enough, discover something new that inspires everyone around them. My clients often tell me how much they value my feedback. They say they trust that I listen to where they are coming from and help guide them toward creating the perfect piece. Because I care so deeply about our relationship and your success, my clients often refer family members and friends who enjoy hearing a fresh approach to familiar tunes. Margie Hauser truly believes that it takes two ears to hear music. So when I write down notes, I try not to forget anyone else listening!

With an impressive combination of talent and drive, Margie Hauser was able to quickly establish herself as an artist who could connect with fans across multiple musical genres. “I love collaborating with my friends because we can create something new together,” says Hauser, who has worked with a number of producers such as DJ Snake, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Zedd, among others. She also adds that she loves creating songs with female vocalists because they allow her to express emotions through higher notes without sounding too trite. Her versatility extends to the production level, where she focuses on everything from building melodies to producing tracks that sound lush and full.

Margie Hauser is an exceptionally gifted composer who has had tremendous success writing music for films. She released 19 songs in 2008 alone, earning herself a spot among the industry’s top writers in the process. Her extraordinary gift for composing melodies and hooks allows her to bring a depth of emotion to every lyric, producing material that is universally appealing and memorable. “My greatest strength is my ability to write music with a strong melodic structure and an emotional core — something I know comes naturally to me. Also, I think I have a good ear for chord progressions.”

Listeners might hear Margie Hauser’s work on every streaming platform across multiple platforms, the radio, movie theaters, or on cell phones and devices. Her talents can be categorized — she is both equally comfortable penning hits for pop stars such as Tiffany (“Higher” reached #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart in 2007), or scoring music for movies like “Alice Upside Down.”

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