Mark Hauser: Entrepreneur and Expert in Financial Matters

Anytime the name Hauser Private Equity rings your mind, the name Mark Hauser should ring your mind. He is an entrepreneur , business leader, and investor hungry for growth and success. Hauser is a self driven and experienced entrepreneur who has not only co-founded but also established several top-notch firms. Mark never shy off from co-founding companies because he is optimistic of the skills and the knowledge he has that will enable him take the company from startup to a globally ranked firm.

Mark Hauser owns the Hauser Private Equity company where he also serves as its managing partner and founder. The company is located in Los Angeles dealing with private equity fund management. He is established Hauser firm located in Cincinnati that deals with insurance brokerage. Being the chairman of Hauser firm, Mark is tasked with running all major operations of the firm and ascertaining the smooth running of all operations and activities in and out of the firm.

The success of Hauser Private Equity is contributed by several factors including its unique strategy of investing in lower markets and through partnership with other firms, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs, manage to grow the company to a middle market assets firm. The firm collaborates with growth equity funds and managers of subordinate debts to ensure it delivers its duties perfectly to its customers. The expert team of professionals and committed team of management work in unity to ensure the company’s returns improve and the firm grows to greater levels.

Mark Hauser was born and raised in Cincinnati by Joan Hauser and Art Huaser a renowned football player. He attended high school in Cincinnati before moving to Miami University to pursue a degree in Finance. The degree helped Mark Hauser secure jobs in several finance companies like Reynolds, DeWitt & Co, where he served as the vice president. Mark Hauser helped expand Hauser company building subsidiaries and other offices in Los Angeles, Kansas, Chicago, and Atlanta.