Meet Mahmoud Khattab, MD: A Healthcare Leader You Should Know

Mahmoud Khattab, MD is a healthcare leader that you should know. He is the founder and CEO of MKHealth Consulting, a firm that provides strategic consulting to hospitals and health systems across North America. Dr. Khattab has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and he is passionate about using technology to improve patient care. We could not be more excited to have him as a guest blogger here at EMR and HIPAA.

He began his career as a physician, first as an internist and then as a hospitalist. After seeing the inefficiencies of paper-based documentation systems first hand, he began his focus on improving patient safety through technology.

Most of the times we tend to blame EHR for everything: physicians don’t like it, it doesn’t help the patient care and so on. But as described in his article below, there are amazing examples of how technology can be used to enhance workflow and improve quality of patient care.

Dr. Khattab argues that the biggest challenge in implementing health IT systems is not about technology, it’s about people. He encourages us to think outside of our own workflows and consider how we can build better EHRs that help our colleagues work together as a team to provide the best care possible.

It has never been easy in his career to be a change agent and challenge the status quo, but it is always rewarding and fulfilling to see his ideas come to life.

Education and Early Life

Dr. Khattab grew up in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario called Newmarket. He graduated from the University of Toronto with an honors degree in cell biology and physiology before attending Medical School there as well. He completed his family medicine residency at the University Health Network in Toronto, which was one of the first university-affiliated community teaching hospitals in Canada. He also completed a fellowship in hospital medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, so he has been training and working as a physician for over 20 years. Learn more information about Mahmoud Khattab