Miki Agrawal  Ventures As an Entrepreneur

When you think of a classy lifestyle with an expensive taste Miki Agrawal is no exception. Her life is a true definition of all the colourful threads you would dream of. She runs three businesses with a modern touch culture in the business world. Being a successful business has been from the incredible support Miki receives from her family and friends.

Agrawal was raised in Canada, but she always worked hard to embrace diversification by combining Japanese and Indian heritage with a French Canadian flair. Her passion for pursuing the business world kicked off at Cornell University, where she pursued business and communication for her degree level.

After her graduation,Miki Agrawal landed her first job in New York City, specializing in the financial industry. Her role at the international Deutsche Bank was that of an investment banking analyst. The 9/11 events affected her career, and she has to reinvent herself to shift her priorities to change the world.

Therefore, Mike Agrawal came up with three key goals that would guide her to pursue her purpose. To start her dream, she enrolled in professional soccer representing New York Magic. She sustained two injuries, and she dared to pursue something different in the video production work.

Among the set goals by Miki Agrawal, the third one was to venture into business. She made a partnership in 2008 and established Thinx. The company specializes in the production of sustainable women’s underwear designed for use during the menstruation period. Also, Thinx sales support to fund aids of reusable pads in Uganda to help the school girls. Another Mike Agrawal impressive project is to bring a change to the American bathroom formalities. She discourages the use of toilet paper as she suggests they might not clean the body well. Also, she believes that toilet paper may lead to a number of uncomfortable medical illnesses. Therefore, she has introduced the bidet, an effective device that helps wipe the body using the least amount of water.