Whenever big immigration proposals are standing before Senate, NumbersUSA’s fundraising money has risen the recent. According to IRS files analyzed by ProPublica, the firm’s lobbying revenue increased more than fourfold in the year 2006 to 2007, from around $300,000 to $1.2 million, following the passage of the Immigration Reform Act of 2007.

The proposal, which would have given 12 million undeserving immigrants a road to citizenship, failed to pass the Senate. According to the McClatchy piece, payments to the NumbersUSA Academic and Training Foundation increased after 2007. Before the election in 2008, the NumbersUSA Research and Educational Foundation had its donations double to $8 million, and it was near to $10 million in 2009.

The Colcom Foundation has provided considerable funding to the NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation. Cordelia Scaife May created the nonprofit organization in the 1990s in Pittsburgh. May, a grandchild of Mellon Bank’s founders, was particularly worried about the influence of population growth on sustainable development.

As per Beck, May was interested in his contentious “gumballs” video from 1996, which was directed at refuting the concept that trying to bring impoverished immigrants to the United States could seriously affect the problem of world poverty, as well as his book “The Case Against Immigration”, which he published that year. While May died in 2005, Colcom continued to make significant contributions to the organization.

Considering the prevailing crisis on the nation’s southern border, NumbersUSA’s statement looks to be more pertinent than ever. The national government’s facilities are being overstretched as it attempts to provide for abandoned youngsters, thanks to the Biden administration’s large-scale admissions. Furthermore, the administration’s lax policing practices have simply helped to encourage more border jumpers, resulting in a massive rise in illegal immigration. This scenario, in which the national government’s failure to successfully implement the country’s declared policy on immigration has functioned as a magnet in drawing more undocumented immigration, has been anticipated by NumbersUSA.

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