Cancer Treatment – There are Options

Cancer can be one of the scariest words a doctor can say to a patient. We often hear the word “cancer” and immediately think it is a death sentence. That is not the case. There are a lot of options when it comes to cancer treatment. Let us discuss some of these options.

If you receive a cancer diagnosis from your doctor, Cancer Treatment Centers of America recommend that you get a second opinion. Even if you trust your doctor, they are human, and humans err. A second opinion through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America can broaden your current options, or at the very least, confirm that you are choosing the best method for your stage of cancer. They are there to help you understand each option so that you are confident in making an educated choice.

Some of the treatment options available through Cancer Treatment Centers of America to help treat cancer include:

– chemotherapy
– radiation
– immunotherapy

Additionally, it can be treated with surgery. However, through Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the cancer is always fought on two different levels at the same time.

With cancer treatment often comes negative side effects. Many patients experience side effects like pain, nausea, and extreme fatigue as they are fighting to beat cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses a combined approach to help relieve some of the negative side effects, keep the patient strong, and improve his/her quality of life as they fight their battles with this disease.

Cancer is not always a death sentence. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, check with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in order to understand all of the treatment options available to you.

Why Use the Talkspace App

If you would love to be able to connect with a therapist, there are a lot of different options available to you. The problem that so many people have is that they do not necessarily know when or how to get in touch with someone locally. You can be put on a waitlist for weeks or even months in order to be able to see someone. This is why so many people are choosing to download the app known as Talkspace because it is simply an easier and quicker way to get in touch with someone who will be able to help you.

The fact that you are able to quickly and effortlessly get connected to a therapist without having to go to a local office is why so many people have made use of this amazing service. It was created by a New York City company so that people were able to be matched to a licensed therapist and be able to text message them right from the comfort of their own home. This is also going to save you money, as it is far cheaper to download an app and make use of the service than it is to go and see someone in their local office.

If you feel that it is time to go and see a therapist for your mental health issues or everyday problems, Talkspace is an app that you need to consider for yourself. The app is incredibly easy for you to download and begin to use, so you are going to want to make use of this for yourself in order to see if it is going to work well for you. It is a wonderful way for you to quickly and easily get access to a therapist who is going to be able to help you every step of the way.

Tony Petrello Aims High in Business and Philanthropy

Texas is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Harvey. The surrounding areas of Houston, including the city, suffered a hard hit by the 2017 Hurricane. The result was millions of dollars in property damage. Streets and homes were completely flooded. Food and medical supplies were also in short supply since the damage happened so quickly and was so widespread. The amazing things is that several prominent businesses rose to the occasion to help. Nabors Industries was one of those companies.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. The local drilling company is one of the world’s largest onshore drilling companies. Company employees have a history of pitching in to help with charities and community functions. It just happens to be an integral part of the company’s culture, and it all starts at the top with Petrello. Many of the company’s employees took off from work and pitched in on relief efforts. The company gave them paid time off for their efforts, and volunteers dispatched to several key locations along the Golf Coast. The company’s 1200 workers have also responded to local, past crises.

Petrello gave big to the relief cause. He decided to match the contribution of his employees and called his fund the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. The company also erected an on-site kitchen that served up a large volume of daily hot meals. Local families benefited tremendously. Company employees also suffered their own personal losses. At least 10 percent of the company’s workforce suffered losses from the hurricane.

Tony Petrello is the perfect example of a dedicated business person turned philanthropist. The Houston community is very familiar with his brand. He takes giving back seriously and gives back as often as possible. Of course, large-scale giving is a result of being in a financial position to lend a hand. Tony Petrello and his wife have made philanthropy a part of their lives. Petrello is the type of individual one would expect to continue a life of giving. His success and pedigree places him in a position to make an impact for decades to come.

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The Great Ambassador

Daniel Taub is ready to leave the office of Ambassador to Israel. He has had a wonderful run in the course of the years that he served and now his time period is up.

While he met the Queen of England he changed into completely immaculate clothes. His suite became tailor-made and pressed, his footwear had been shined like a mirror, and his kippah became titled on the pinnacle of his head. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He supplied his paperwork to begin his era as the brand new Ambassador of the state of Israel to the court of St. James’s. By means of carrying his kippah to address the Queen he stated an essential truth about his life: he was born into this world a Jew and will always be an Orthodox Jew.

He might neither hide nor trade his ideals. Daniel Taub was born in Britain and raised in an Orthodox Jewish family. He was taught the instructions as a younger guy and read the scripture whilst he came of age.

The Queen inquired his attitude regarding relinquishing his British citizenship. He knew that he might need to surrender his citizenship but he was equipped to make that sacrifice. He had immigrated to Israel 30 years previous to achieving his office and he was prepared to serve his fellow man.

While elevating his children, Daniel Taub stated it was an honor to have the opportunity to raise his children in the identical land that his ancestors have been exiled from more than 2,000 years in the past. It’s the holy land and there may be an awful lot of culture and records there.

Daniel Taub treasures this deep tradition because he wants his children to understand how essential it is. His circle of relatives observed desire and goals in this holy area and he’ll make sue his youngsters get the whole gain of that to enjoy.

Daniel Taub has kept his faith close to his heart when you consider that he was born in Britain. He believes that if you hold your religion close you could use religion to build bridges.

At some stage in his time serving the country of Israel as ambassador he has treated a few crises very intelligently. He has dealt with overseas members of the international family like a pro veteran and has made the ties with different international locations even stronger.

Daniel Taub has been capable of making the connection among Israel and the United Kingdom even more potent. He has constructed bridges because of his sturdy religion and he’ll keep assisting Israel in acquiring even greater matters.

Daniel Taub

Though many concerns have arisen fro the deals concerning relations in the Middle East, many more benefits have been realized. The deals that were struck will benefit the peace between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf States.

Daniel Taub has been the catalyst to create these plan and put them into motion. The most notable benefits come from the safety and security of each nation to defend itself against ISIS.

ISIS has been a major threat across the Middle East and have carried out many controversial and destructive antisemitic attacks. Daniel Taub, being a vanguard against antisemitism, fought back and made sure that each nation had a way to defend itself along with support from other nations in the region.

The concerns in the Middle East are shared by every nation in the area. When the nations in the region start to work together, defend one another, and build together, the will be actively creating a better tomorrow. They have the opportunity to address their concerns as a larger community and benefit from the camaraderie. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Many advanced nations are working with Israel as well. Because of Daniel Taub’s international expertise, the United States has been a major supporter of Israel.

They are what is called a quiet partner. The United States will quietly provide Israel with the latest technology and other means of advancement. The relationship is one that Daniel Taub nurtured during his four years as ambassador and will continue to assist with in a different context once he exits office. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

In Britain, the relations with the Labor Party must be closely monitored. The Labor Party in Britain and the Labor Party in Israel, while similar, must work to re-establish their ties.

The two parties have many similarities but have not held the same views on certain topics that must be reconciled. They both believe in freedom of speech, the political position of women and minorities, and gay rights.

The Labor Parties of both countries are important for the representation of the working class members of society. Without them, the proletariat would not have adequate representation. Daniel Taub would like to see both parties come to an agreement on terms and common grounds. After all, they both represent an important section of voters.

Daniel Taub has always held progressive values and supports the positions of both parties. He believes in the power of technology to change the future and the rights of the people to benefit.

What Do Ford, Trump and Devos Have In Common?

Leadership is a special quality. Not everyone can lead effectively. Is this leadership quality what connects Ford, Donald Trump and Dick Devos?


A Ford Able Automobiles


It would have been very easy for Henry Ford to have run a car company selling only to the wealthy. In fact, his first company was aimed at that market. But, then he got a bright idea.


“What if he sold a car that everyone could afford?”


That would be revolutionary and change how men got around town. So, Henry Ford picked up and started a new company dedicated to selling cars to the common man. It was almost like history had created him for this destiny.


For who is better for creating affordable cars, then a man who could create aFORDdable cars? The rest is history.


President Gerald Ford


It is one thing to create a grand company, it is another to run a great nation. Thankfully, President Gerald R. Ford was able to lead the country during a very difficult time. He was also the namesake for the Grand Rapids International Airport. The rest is history.


Entrepreneur Trump


Who is better for “making America great again,” then one of its shining entrepreneurs? It is not easy to develop great ideas and turn them into successful brands. President Donald Trump has a knack for it.


Many men would be happy with one successful company; but, not Donald Trump. Business Man Donald Trump has been behind the United States Football League, “The Apprentice,” casinos and beauty pageants. His thoughts were revolutionary.


Time and time again, Donald Trump identified what the people wanted and delivered. And, that is exactly what business is all about. The successful business leader provides the products and services that people want and need.


So, now America wants to be “great again.” Many men competed for the right to be in that position – president of the United States of America. President Donald Trump understood the message, had the background and took the message to the people. He won.


Now, he has the mandate to make real changes. He needs to help the country return to its productive foundation. He has turned to another man with great ideas and effective actions, named Dick Devos.


By appointing Dick Devos to oversee the Civilian Board of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), President Donald Trump has added a man with a can-do attitude. Mr. Devos is a pilot who started an academy to train new pilots.


Philanthropist Devos


Those who create new brands understand the challenges of creativity. The Devos family is in line with the Fords and Trumps in achieving that which had not been done before. They dared to dream.


It is great praise to consider Philanthropist Dick Devos amongst these great man. He has accomplished a lot, but hopefully he still has a lot to offer. History will tell his tale. Learn more:

Fabletics Helps Customer Feel Good About Themselves

For years, the athletic fashion industry was not focused on how they could help their customers. Instead, they were focused on making money and cutting costs so they would be able to show people what they could do. It was something that made things more difficult for customers and something they knew they would have to deal with every time they started shopping for different things that were related to athletics. In fact, things were hard throughout the entire fashion industry because of the way it had been set up for years.


The industry needed a disruptor. Fabletics was exactly the things that was going to change it and make everything better. They knew they needed to do things better and Kate Hudson was with them for every part of the ride. She wanted to make sure there were things she could do and things that would make the brand get better. It all went back to what she could do to help people and how she could make things easier on them. For Fabletics, this was just what they needed. It was a way for them to make things easier and a way to bring attention to how much they were able to do things in the right way.


As long as Fabletics was growing and doing things the right way, they knew they were going to have to try their best to make things easier. They had always done what they could to bring attention to the issues in the industry and that helped them make the right choices. For Fabletics to do this, they had to try to always follow what customers were interested in. Not only did they need to stay on top of the trends but also on top of everything that was happening to the businesses around them.


When people take the Lifestyle Quiz from Fabletics, they are able to find out what is going on with the brands and what they can do to make the brands better. It is part of how they are able to make a lot of money and part of what has allowed them the chance to choose things that are going to make their lives better. For Fabletics, this is what the point of their business is. They want people to realize they are doing the best job possible no matter what issues they might be facing.

David McDonald of OSI Group Leads By Example

David McDonald was born in Iowa. He attended the University of Iowa and graduated with a senior award in animal science. Being visionary, he committed time and effort to learning the business rope through OSI Industries. Dave landed an executive position. In his capacity as an executive, he transformed the business into a global manufacturer of meat-based products. Dave was later promoted to be the chief operating officer of OSI Industries. He oversaw critical decision making in the firm.


After graduating, Dave focused on OSI Industries where he was trained for leadership. He rose through the company’s leadership ladder within a few years of service. His exceptional leadership skills played a pivotal role in his appointment. His achievements supported his appointment as well.


Dave was interested in utilizing available resources to develop the community. He, therefore, used OSI Industries to invest in agriculture and entrepreneurship. In 2011, he was responsible for holding an initiative that organized a meeting in China. The meeting saw to it that a student was employed. Until now, OSI Industries has supported many initiatives including China’s economy. McDonald is supportive of viable, community projects.

OSI Group

OSI Group is a private–owned firm that provides meat-based products. The company provides custom valued products. For this reason, it is known as the world’s premier foodservice provider. In addition, OSI Group offers unparalleled resources for client’s satisfaction. The extensive capabilities that OSI Group harbors in food-service delivery and product development can barely be matched. The firm continues to incorporate the international distribution of custom food products across the world.

Dave’s Leadership

Behind the stellar reputation of OSI Group is the amazing leadership of David McDonald. He has expanded OSI’s production capacity to over 15 countries. Alongside that is the 20,000 employee base that he’s incorporated in the company. Dave’s responsibilities extend to his chairmanship at the board of directors. He streamlines the company’s managerial docket. This is facilitated by his ability to quickly respond to pressing issues. Dave ensures that clients have high-quality experience at OSI Group.

Dave’s Contribution to OSI Industries

With over 65 facilities, OSI Group has consistently served clients in various capacities that include supply chain management, distribution and processing. Dave has overseen these processes by ensuring positive feedback from the same clients. As a young man who grew up in the farming culture, Dave invested in farming. He cultivated the virtue of patience and dedication in order to excel in business.

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How Clay Siegall Offers Hope for Cancer and Lupus Patients

Clay Siegall’s assertions on NFL’s Michael Bennett treatment in the hands of Las Vegas present a devastating condition of racism in the 21st century. He narrates of an incident where he was coming from a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, and he immediately heard several gunshots that rented the air. He immediately ran for safety and ran into two police officers who ordered him to kneel on the ground. Having obliged to this, one of them placed a gun on his head and handcuffed Michael Benett before leading him to their patrol car. Even as they later released him, he acknowledged that Police officers have always used excessive force when they realize you are ‘black.’

The Strange Seattle Seahawks Logo

In another article, Clay Siegall gives an account of Seahawks unveiling this new but bizarre logo that caused a lot of consternation to the fans and the players alike. The Seattle Seahawks posted on their media pages have had the fans asking for the motive or the inspiration behind the front-facing logo. When the management was asked for an explanation, they asserted that it only took its inspiration from a totem pole. They disregarded the perception that the logo looked intimidating and insisted that it was a creative piece worth adopting.

Clay Siegall: the Biotechnological Specialist

A look at Clay Siegall’s life presents a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. As an expert in the biotechnology field, he has established the company to one of the leading research enterprises that specialize in biotechnological ventures that aid patients in their sicknesses. As the lead researcher in the company, he has worked hard doing a lot of research pertaining cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Licensing by the FDA

In this regard, he was licensed by Federal Drugs Authority after his breakthrough in establishing several cancer antibodies that offer treatments to cancer patients. With such outstanding achievements, Seattle Genetics has received a lot of accolades for their immense contribution to their innovative measures in curbing cancer infection rates. It is also worth mentioning that the company not only specializes in cancer-based treatment ventures but also other auto-immune conditions and diseases that affected the general population.

Jason Hope Improves Amazon’s eBook and Systems of Development

Jason Hope explains the Internet of Things in his unique and valuable eBook. The story behind this important infrastructure has been carefully analyzed in this eBook. Jason Hope identifies integral aspects that have changed the way that the Internet of Things acts and is developed over time. The results of Jason Hope’s influential e-book can be seen at various degrees.

Some of the best aspects of Jason Hope’s work can be seen in the attention to detail as well as complexities. He explains the need for multidimensional perspectives as well as the importance of developing public awareness for this increasingly valuable technology.

There are a lot of ways that Jason Hope provides insight as well as a unique vantage point on the development of the IoT. This technology is explored in multiple areas of decision making and strategies. By cultivating some of the most effective details regarding the Internet of Things and the way it has consistently shaped different methods of implementation it is clear that Jason Hope has changed to a great degree.

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur and leader when it comes to innovation and infrastructure design. He has created steadfast results that have benefited the overall dimensional of the Internet of Things in contemporary science. The way that homes operate, educational systems function, and multiple aspects of design resources are allocated all have to do with the Internet of Things. As infrastructure lends itself to being more interconnected, users will experience better effects as well as more unified systems throughout their experience.

Significant aspects of this e-book are informative and create a unique sense of identity. They have contributed significantly to the way that people may already use Internet of Things technology in their daily life. It expands on these themes to show the importance of this concept in the future. Jason Hope also explains that there are further investments taking place in order to improve the caliber of the Internet of Things in contemporary research as well as design. Getting ahead in the technology race means that things will be more centralized as well as organized.A lot of distinguished authors have found this guide to be effective at relaying basic concepts as well as themes that are currently at play in the industry. By grasping the Internet of Things, users can gain a lot of takeaways from “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era”.

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