Philanthropy and Sports: The Robert Kraft Story

Professional sports teams have a unique opportunity to make an impact in the community. Not only do they bring people together, but they can also use their resources for good. Robert Kraft is one example of an owner who has embraced this responsibility. Since becoming the owner of the New England Patriots in 1994, he has used his team to make a positive difference in countless lives through philanthropic efforts. Let’s take a look at how he’s done it.

The Kraft Family Foundation

Robert Kraft and his family created the Kraft Family Foundation in 1998 as a way to support charitable causes around the world. Through this foundation, they have donated millions of dollars to organizations that focus on health care, education, and more. In 2019 alone, they donated more than $3 million dollars to support causes such as cancer research and youth education programs.

Kraft also uses his team’s platform to bring awareness to important issues. For instance, he recently donated $2 million dollars to a program aimed at inspiring students to participate in sports.

Robert Kraft has also used the Patriots brand for other initiatives such as “Souper Bowl of Caring” which raises money for food banks across New England; or “Patriots Path” which helps inner city kids access resources such as mentorship programs or educational opportunities that may not be available otherwise. These are just two examples of how Robert Kraft has used his team’s platform for good and made a difference in many lives.

By using sports as a vehicle for social change, Robert Kraft has been able to make an impact both locally and globally through his philanthropic efforts with the New England Patriots organization. His commitment is inspiring and it serves as an example for other owners that sports teams can be powerful tools when it comes to creating positive change within our communities! Refer to this article for additional information.


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