QNET E-Commerce Direct Selling

Direct Selling companies have become increasingly popular in the digital age. These businesses allow people to sell products directly to consumers through various platforms and channels instead of going through intermediaries or stores. Technology has significantly impacted how direct sales companies operate, making it easier to start their own business and sell their products online.

QNET is one of the leading global players in this space. Their e-commerce platform has made it possible for many independent consultants and dealers worldwide to reach a wider audience while reducing costs at the same time.

QNET’s MLM business model

Direct Selling companies earn money by charging a commission on the sales made by their sellers. This helps them generate revenue and make a profit. The e-commerce platform provided by the direct selling company allows sellers to keep track of their sales and commissions, which makes it easier for them to manage their finances. The e-commerce platform also provides analytics related to sales and commissions, which allows sellers to analyze their performance and take necessary steps to improve their sales. The forum provided enables sellers to choose the best commission model. They can choose between receiving a fixed commission or a percentage-based commission.

The QNET platform provided also makes it easy for sellers to create a store on a single platform and sell their products. They don’t need to maintain several websites, which lowers their costs and effort. Furthermore, these sellers can also track their orders on the e-commerce platform. This is useful for monitoring their sales and inventory levels. They can also manage their customer details, such as shipping and billing information, on the e-commerce platform. This makes it easier for them to sell their products without maintaining additional software or apps.


QNET’s e-commerce platform allows sellers to choose the products they want to sell from various options, including jewelry, beauty products, health and wellness products, and household items.

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