QNET scam allegations in Liberia addressed

QNET, an Indian based direct selling organization is one of the pioneers in the industry. Despite the hardships being faced by many economies in the word, the facility has managed to create numerous opportunities for the consumers. The positive stories about this organization, however, have not impressed some individuals QNET scam news have continued to trend in various social media platforms. In Liberia, for instance, QNET scam allegations have been giving the organization a hard time. The direct selling organization, through its top public relations office had decided to address the allegations so that consumers can know the truth of the matter. While speaking to journalists about the Liberia issue, the management explained that they had brought any of its offices in Liberia. The organization had not yet approved any professionals or organization to sell its official products to the Liberian nationals. Although the country has several distributors for the Indian organization, they are not allowed to use the name of the global company.

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The contract signed by the Liberian distributors allows them to conduct their operations using their own names. QNET scam allegations in the country have dominated numerous media spaces in recent months because of several dubious deals. The people making the dubious deals were only using the name of the company in a criminal way. The direct selling organization is already in the process of setting up its offices in Liberia in the future, just like in many other African nations. The company wants to have an agent connection the agents and consumers in the Liberian communities. The QNET management has announced that it has not been collecting money from the citizens with promises of delivering any products. The people collecting money are not acting for the sake of the Indian organization. The management is searching for the individuals committing the crime with the aim of safeguarding its reputation.