Raffaele Riva And The Success Of The AUREA Multi-Family Group

Raffaele Riva is the CEO and co-founder of the AUREA Multi-Family Group, an international financial management firm. He is an entrepreneur who has successfully created and grown businesses in Italy, the United States, and China. He is ultimately a man of many interests and talents, including art, economics, law, sportswear design, and entertainment production- all with a passion for excellence.

Riva’s Vision and Experience

With a background in Wealth Management, Raffaele Riva has developed international financial management and investment firm that employs a team of experts in economic, legal, taxation, and treasury subjects. It is a company that values long-term relationships, trust, respect, and confidentiality. His firm builds its financial plans around the client’s core value, providing them with financing solutions to manage their daily affairs and reach their financial goals. Raffaele Riva believes a good financial strategy should focus on the client’s individual needs and that these strategies can last for a lifetime.

Raffaele Riva’s vision was to create an international firm that could provide long-term relationships with clients that combined fiscal, legal, and investment planning. He established the company in 1998 through his extensive experience in financial management. This experience has aided him in bringing Aurea Multi-Family Group both national and international recognition. Riva was also an integral part of the team that invented and patented a trading system used by major banks and brokerage firms.

AUREA’s Elite Clientele

AUREA boasts an international clientele that includes high-level personalized financial services. Raffaele Riva and his team work with billionaires, industrialists, entertainers, and business owners to find solutions for their needs. They help them manage their money for them to reach their financial goals. Through their experience working with such clients and a wide network of international connections, Riva has developed an array of innovative financing techniques that he can present to his potential clients. See related link to learn more.


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