Ron Gutman At Refugee Camps

Ron Gutman is the co-founder and co-CEO of Intrivo, which is a health technology company. Like other people, he watched the outbreak of war in Ukraine and thought of how he could help. Gutman sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss what he has been doing in detail to help and what others can do to offer assistance.


Intrivo is a technology-based organization that is determined to bring health to individuals. It was among the first companies to be granted special authority by the FDA to create, sell, and deliver rapid at-home tests. Ron Gutman adds that the tests helped millions of people live happier, healthier, and safer lives.


Ron Gutman noted that it was a complex task shipping COVID tests all over the world. This, since regulatory and shipping supply chains were broken. In addition, getting into a war zone was almost impossible. Nonetheless, Intrivo shipped COVID tests worth more than one million dollars. 


The Covid tests were first shipped to Poland and later to Ukraine. Gutman also made the decision to be there when the tests were being delivered and meet the hospital executives, doctors, and staff. 

Healthcare and business expert Ron Gutman  ensured that they were all well-trained to distribute the tests. He also provided refugee camps with computers and software to monitor outbreaks to ensure they do not spread throughout the hospital. Ron doesn’t like the invasion of Ukraine, and he wishes the two nations could stop. With the help of his incredible Miami-based company, Gutman has given hospitals a lot of assistance.