Scott Berkowitz Established RAINN

Back in 1994, Scott Berkowitz established the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) with one goal in mind: to run a phone service offering aid to sexual violence survivors. Initially, this is all RAINN concentrated on doing. “The target was promoting the hotline number and getting its word out there,” says Berkowitz. It was only a short time before it became evident that they weren’t dreaming grandiose enough and overlooked an opening to educate people about prevention and assistance. “Following a couple years, it was obvious there was far more that had to be done on this topic — and we were the ones most fit for the project,” discloses Berkowitz. “We weren’t taking full benefit of our relations with television networks plus the press, so we acknowledged we had the potential to use them to alter mindsets,” Berkowitz explains. “That’s when we notably broadened our mission, adding public instruction and policy formation into it.”

After some time had passed, RAINN launched an advanced mission that concentrated on working with schools, other national institutions, and huge firms such as Uber and Royal Caribbean to educate them and assist them in combating sexual violence and abuse excellently. “This has allowed us to deliver our mission differently,” shares Berkowitz.

This growth enabled RAINN to concentrate on the grand scheme while still impacting how organizations address the problem. According to Berkowitz, “Our educational work is very detailed.” For instance, they cooperate with TV producers to “make sure that scripts of programs reflect the truth regarding the dilemma.” With companies, their assistance is direct, aiding them in navigating complexities connected to sexual assault. “By working with these firms that have thousands of workers, we are capable of entering and help them transform and enhance the daily operations and communication with employees, consumers and immediately assist them form safer offices.” he states.

Due to RAINN’s instructional efforts, Berkowitz has seen a few noteworthy changes. He commented on how media outlets have changed with the topic, saying, “We’ve noticed a major transformation in how reporters cover the issue. In comparison to years ago, they are now more careful when handling survivors and comprehend what they are reporting on much better.”

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