Skydance Animation- New Head of Animation Announced

John Alan Lasseter, well known animator, voice actor, producer, and director is named head of animation and Skydance Animation. With a long history in the field, with Pixar Animation Studios, Disneytoon, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Lucasfilms, Lasseter’s talents are found in many classics. In Toy Story, a young child, Andy, loses some of his favorite toys, and goes on an adventure of his own to get home to his friend. This film went on to earn more than #361 million worldwide, as well as 3 nominations and a Special Achievement Academy Award for John Lasseter. 2012’s Brave tells the story of Merida, an independent and wayward Scottish Highlands princess, who brings undue turmoil brought to her mother and brothers when she turns them into bears. The film follows the quest for the princess to mend family relationships while protecting her family from harm.

Lasseter has received 6 nominations for an Academy award, including for his work on Monsters, Inc (2001). In a clever look at monsters who are terrified of children, this film follows Sully and Mike Wazowski on an adventure to return “Boo,” a 2-year-old human child, to her own bedroom while being chased by the evil Randall and Waternoose, the head of the agency. This colorful movie illustrates many important life lessons, including the importance of teamwork and friendship, bravery, and that we should not make assumptions based on appearance or first impressions. Ranking 1st at the box office on opening weekend, Monsters, Inc went on to become the 3rd highest grossing film in 2002 and earned favorable reviews from families and critics alike.

John Alan Lasseter has over 50 full length films to his name, including Toy Story, Brave and Monster’s Inc. From Disney, to Lucasfilms and now with Skydance Animation, Lasseter will continue to create films that are enjoyed around the world.