Steve Lesnard Leads Sephora’s Return to the UK

The beauty giant Sephora is riding high on their Q4 holiday marketing campaign. Sephora’s new Global Chief Brand Officer, Steve Lesnard, recently announced that Sephora plans to resume operations in the UK in 2023. This long-planned strategic move comes after a long absence – Sephora announced its departure from the UK market in 2005. Now, the heads of the beauty retailer are making moves to reestablish themselves in the UK market.

In 2021, Sephora acquired FeelUnique to gain insights into the UK audience. In 2022, Sephora also launched its holiday campaign called “Express All of You.” This campaign captured the UK’s diverse identity, dynamic definitions of beauty, as well as the rising popularity of self-expression. It featured viral media campaigns, partnerships with TikTok influencers, and traditional advertising. They also held a Pop up event at One Marylebone, which featured celebrities in the beauty space, new and exclusive products from Sephora, and masterclasses from makeup experts.

Led by Steve Lesnard’s global marketing experience, Sephora is pursuing an innovative approach to its return to the UK: omnichannel marketing. In addition to four planned storefronts, Lesnard and his team have been working on their online and app shopping experiences. This ensures that no matter where the shopper is, they will receive a unique and quality experience from Sephora. Steve Lesnard is the former Chief Marketing Officer of The North Face who successfully guided the brand early in the Covid-19 pandemic. He brings a unique global experience and an innovation-driven approach to marketing and brand development.

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