OSI Group President David McDonald Maintains that the Company Succeeds by Understanding Its Customers:

Raised in Iowa, David McDonald attended college in his home state at Iowa State University. He graduated in 1987 and began his now 30 plus year career making a big difference at OSI Group. David is the President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board for the food processing giant. David was originally hired by OSI Group as a project manager tasked with building OSI’s brand in Asia. This mission is still close to David McDonald’s heart today as the company’s growth in China continues to be one of his biggest points of pride regarding his accomplishments with the world leading food solutions company. OSI Group operates ten facilities in China currently, number ten opening recently. David has also been very pleased with OSI’s expansion efforts in Europe that have been ongoing for the past three and a half years.

European expansion efforts began ramping up in 2014 with a partnership that OSI forged with British beef producer Pickstock. 2016 saw two speciality food distribution companies, Baho Food and Flagship Europe become OSI properties. David McDonald said of both transactions that they were a valuable boost to OSI’s product portfolio and OSI’s market coverage. OSI Group has also rebranded Flagship Europe as Creative Foods Europe.

In other European news, the OSI Group facility in Toledo, Spain is now putting out double the processed chicken that it was previously in an effort to meet the massive growth in demand out of its Spanish and Portuguese markets that it serves. The production increase was made possible by massive investments put into the production lines at the facility.

David McDonald recently did a very interesting interview with Inspirery. He discussed a number of different topics about his business career. David mentions how he got started in the food business after he graduated from Iowa State. He speaks about OSI Group’s tremendous growth during his tenure with the company and attributes much of it to the dynamic sorts of partnerships that have characterized OSI’s global expansion. David maintains that he has been fully on board with the OSI vision from the moment he joined the company. He has never doubted that OSI Group had a winning formula for success. David believes that OSI Group’s number one global marketing strategy is the fact that the company always becomes part of the local scene wherever it sets up operations. He maintains that a company has to truly understand the needs and tastes of the customer base in the regions that they are working in. OSI invests a great amount of time and effort into gaining customer trust.